Winter and leisure with children

Winter and leisure with children

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When winter arrives, the cold invites us to be more welcome and warm inside the house. When the cold wind blows, the best and most enjoyable thing to do is to play indoors. As we spend more time at home, we feel that winter grows longer and longer, and that their afternoons drag on. So so that being at home does not become a nightmare, the whole family can entertain themselves with original ideas with which you can have fun. At home, there is also a lot to do and learn.

Spending more time at home means, in many cases, that children are entertained by television. A study recently carried out in Spain concluded that Spanish children spend an average of 3 or 4 hours a day in front of the television. If you determine that your child watches television, select the programming that is most appropriate for his age, and control the amount of time that the child will be in front of the television. Avoid making television the only form of fun for your child. The same care should be taken with the Internet. Visits must be limited and supervised.

The best thing for children who spend a lot of time at home, is to play. If your child has no siblings, invite a friend of his to come to your house for an afternoon of games. You can play cards, Parcheesi, draw, mold play dough, color, and even play blind man. If the child can read, you can determine a daily reading schedule. If you don't know, it is very important that you read to your child every day and that you have plenty of time to be playing with him.

Among the activities that your child can develop at home, we can list:

- Molding plasticine, clay, plaster.

- Assemble puzzles

- Building games

- Symbolic games. Puppets, dolls, little kitchen, stories

- Educational games: guess riddle, tongue twister, 'I see I see', memory.

- Paintings: color drawings, t-shirts, windows, glasses, pictures, etc.

- Interactive games: blind man, the circle, board games

- Make collage, drawings, etc.

If you have already exhausted the games indoors, take advantage of a few free hours to take your child to the theater, the cinema or a museum. Taking a child to a music concert will enrich him in every way, intellectually and emotionally. It will help you internalize and appreciate music as a communication alternative. In the colder seasons, the theaters are usually filled with very attractive proposals for children.

A painting exhibition is also a good option to have fun, as long as its theme is oriented to the interest of children. Science museums and planetariums often offer research and experiment workshops for the little ones.

Children can also have fun outdoors during winter. They can and should, since it is not convenient for them to breathe only the air inside your house and are exposed to germs more often. It is important that they get out and breathe the air outside.

If you take your baby outside in winter, when temperatures are very low or it has snowed, do not forget to warm him well, with a hat, a sweater, and a coat or diver so that he is very well protected. Protect the face of children and babies from wind and sunburn, with suitable photoprotective products or creams.

In the snow, the little ones can enjoy a lot with a sled, or simply playing snowball. They are very entertaining games, and we only have to worry about time. It is not recommended that the little ones spend many hours in the snow. In other cases, when the temperatures are not so low, playing outside does not cause colds. Keeping warm, children can run, jump, and do everything that is done in other seasons outdoors.

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