7 original appetizers for Christmas. Vegetarian recipes

7 original appetizers for Christmas. Vegetarian recipes

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Are you thinking of Christmas meals? Don't worry, we give you some ideas to surprise everyone with light and very original appetizers, healthy and ideal for vegetarians. In addition, they are so simple to do, that you can do them with children. Remember that Christmas is one of the activities that children are most excited about: working in the kitchen.

Here are the ideas that come to us from the hand of our collaborator Juan Llorca.

1. Baked potato and romanescu trees. To make this original appetizer in the shape of a Christmas tree, prepare a cream. For that, you need to cook a romanescu along with 6 potatoes. olive oil and a little salt. Add two tablespoons of peanut butter to the cream and put the mixture in a piping bag with a curl nozzle. When pressed, on a prepared baking tray, you get small 'Christmas trees' that after 10 minutes at 180 ºC, will end up being an original aperitif.

2. Bites of dates, avocado and dried tomato. Beat 6 eggs with a little salt, a little dried tomato (it can be substituted for another spice, such as paprika) and a little oil. In muffin or muffin molds, place avocado cubes (1 avocado chopped) and pieces of dates. Then a little of the beaten egg is poured into each of the molds. Bake for 10 or 15 minutes at 180ºC.

3. Spinach crepe with beetroot hummus, wild asparagus and pistachios. First you have to make the crepes, with egg, flour, milk and if you want, spinach leaves. On the other hand, you have to make the hummus, based on cooked chickpeas (you will need a pot of cooked chickpeas), two beets, water, olive oil, a tablespoon of tahini and a handful of pistachios. When you have everything, hummus filled rolls with pistachios are formed and cut into small slices.

4. Chupa chups with nougat, chickpeas and quicos. You mix half a pot of cooked chickpeas with half a pill of jijona nougat. You add a little oil and salt and the spice that you like the most. With the help of chickpea flour, make some balls and coat them with kikos. you put a stick ... and in the fridge!

5. Salty sticks with spiced chocolate and almonds. You melt chocolate, add a little pink pepper, cinnamon and curry. You dip the sticks in the melted chocolate. They are passed through the chopped almonds, and to the fridge.

6. Coconut truffle snowmen. You have to create truffle balls coated in coconut (they are made by passing through the blender about 150g of raisins, four tablespoons of molasses or syrup, 20g of coconut oil. To the mixture are added 100g of almond cream, 30g of flour almond and 20gr of grated coconut. Put in the fridge for 30 minutes), and then, with the help of a toothpick, join them to form the snowman.

7. Christmas pudding with a chocolate coin. Mix in the blender a cup of dates, a cup of raisins, and a cup of dried apricots, a cup of walnuts, a cup of mixed nuts. Add a splash of vanilla, two teaspoons of cinnamon, two tablespoons of coconut oil, the zest of a lemon and the zest of an orange. In the flan molds, put a chocolate coin at the bottom and fill with the whipped mixture of nuts. It goes into the fridge from one day to the next.

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