Are you going to travel alone by plane with your baby?

Are you going to travel alone by plane with your baby?

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In a few days you will have to get on a plane with your baby and you are worried about how you will manage to carry him in your arms and at the same time have to carry the bags, cart, and everything that involves traveling with a baby. Don't worry, traveling alone (or alone) with a baby is no reason to despair.

The first time my daughter traveled by plane was when she was only 16 days old. The flight took about three hours, and I was suspicious that I would not be able to do everything. We were alone together, but I did not feel alone on our first adventure. When I made the flight reservation I knew that companies reserve seats in front of the cabin economy class for families traveling with babies, because they offer more space to stretch out and are more comfortable to get up and walk with the baby. In addition, they put a cot so that the little one can sleep more comfortably during the flight.

During the flight, the staff was very aware of us. They took a look at my daughter while I had to go to the bathroom, they offered me hot water to prepare her bottle, and even They gave me advice to prevent my little girl from feeling any discomfort due to changes in atmospheric pressure that often alter the hearing organs that are still very tender in babies. She protested a bit but the annoyance passed in a pee with the pacifier I gave her. To avoid changing her diaper in mid-flight, I decided to change her a bit before getting on the plane. A great idea! If you are traveling alone or alone with a baby, don't be afraid to ask for help. And don't forget to eat and drink. If you can't make it when the meal is served, ask the hostess to save a meal for you later.

When you travel with a baby you often forget yourself. If the flight is very long, that is, more than five hours, it is It is recommended that you take some things that distract the baby. As with any means of transport, you should avoid leaving the baby on the floor or sucking, for example, the armrest of the seat. Hygiene with the little ones is essential. The essential thing is not to carry too many things, only what is necessary. For that, nothing better than making a list of what you should bring. So you will not forget anything. We give you some suggestions:

- Food for the baby: milk, jars of fruit or vegetables, cookies, juices.

- Diapers and wet wipes.

- A change of clothes for the baby.

- A sheet, a blanket, and warm clothing (in case it is cold).

- Pacifiers, bottles, and a toy.

As you see, there is no reason to despair. If your baby cries, you can calm him by walking with him through the hallways. Movement tends to calm little ones. And don't forget to relax while the baby sleeps. You can listen to music or watch a movie. Well, have a good trip!

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