Changes in pregnancy

Changes in pregnancy

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Throughout 40 weeks of pregnancy, a woman will experience endless physical and emotional changes. As the baby grows inside the womb, the pregnant woman will see not only how her physique changes, but also how she has feelings and emotions never experienced before.

In We tell you about all the changes that happen in pregnancy: belly, chest, digestive system, mouth, vision ... And even how needs, fears and anxieties change.

Here you have all the information about all the changes and evolutions that take place during pregnancy.

Changes in the body Throughout the weeks of gestation and as the baby develops, the body of the pregnant woman undergoes a series of changes. The most noticeable is the growth of the belly. How the uterus and gut increase in pregnancy month by month.

Changes in the belly. The growth of the belly in the pregnant woman, month by month. How the belly evolves in pregnancy. The development of the baby in pregnancy. How the pregnant belly changes, month by month. Changes in the pregnant woman's body and in the growth of the baby in her womb.

Changes in the chest The pregnant woman's body changes, inside and out. The chest also notices some changes. Increase in volume and also notice more sensitivity. In addition, she is preparing for a very important mission: to feed the future baby. The midwife Susana de La Flor explains to us how the breast changes during pregnancy.

Changes in the digestive system. Pregnancy comes with multiple changes in the woman's body. Many organs move to make room for the baby. Among them, the stomach. What's more. hormonal changes also affect the digestive system. Many women know that they are pregnant from the first moment because of stomach upset.

Changes in the respiratory system. During pregnancy, the woman's body changes to adapt to the new state. Heart, stomach and diaphragm move. The respiratory system of pregnant women is affected and that is why many pregnant women confess that during pregnancy it is more difficult for them to breathe and they get tired sooner.

Changes in circulation. During pregnancy, major changes occur in a woman's body. Some of them are related to the circulatory system. The ankles swell more than normal and the pregnant woman feels heavier. We explain what changes you will notice at the cardiovascular level during pregnancy.

Changes in vision Blurred vision, dry eyes, irritated eyes, double vision, or loss of vision can occur during pregnancy. Myopic pregnant women should have their eyes checked during and after pregnancy and consult their doctor about the convenience of vaginal delivery since they could suffer retinal detachment.

Hormonal changes. Hormonal changes in pregnant women. From the moment of conception, a series of hormones begin to act in the pregnant woman's body. Some of them occur only in pregnancy and others already exist but their levels change during pregnancy.

Changes in the mouth The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy cause alterations in the mouth of the pregnant woman, such as cavities, excess salivation, gingivitis, bleeding gums or tooth mobility.

Changes in the circulatory system. Blood during pregnancy. Changes in the circulatory system during pregnancy. Changes that occur in the blood of the pregnant woman. Varicose veins and swelling that some women experience during pregnancy.

Changes in vaginal discharge. Find out what are the changes in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. How vaginal discharge changes during pregnancy. Having heavy flow in the first months of pregnancy is very common among pregnant women and is considered normal. Find out how it changes and when you can worry.

Emotional changes. Mood swings during pregnancy. On the occasion of their pregnancy, some women present situations of sudden changes of mood going from euphoria to sadness. The emotional changes experienced by pregnant women have a hormonal basis.

Changes in the second pregnancy. In the second pregnancy, the mother is better prepared physically and psychologically to face this new challenge. However, the development of pregnancy and childbirth are not the same, even if the same woman experiences them, and there are aspects that must be taken into account. Some are positive and others not so much.

Changes in sexual desire Sexual desire in pregnancy increases due to the hormonal changes that women undergo during pregnancy. If the pregnancy is normal and there is no risk of miscarriage, sex is very beneficial for both the couple and the fetus.

Changes in the orthodontic routine. During pregnancy, orthodontics is not contraindicated, but some of the tests that are performed should be changed, such as X-rays, as well as the way to treat the pregnant woman. The routine and the visit to the dentist change during pregnancy. We explain how.

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