Vaginal pain in pregnancy

Vaginal pain in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there are many discomforts that usually affect women in the forty weeks that a pregnancy can reach. Depending on the body of each woman and each pregnancy, the pain or discomfort may vary.

From the spots on the skin caused by hormonal changes, going through the fluid retention, inflammation of the breasts or changes in character or mood. However, there may also be pain in the birth canal that affects the vagina before giving birth.

The vaginal pain in pregnancy it is the most common and can be caused by discomfort in the pelvis. The pain that occurs in the pelvic area has to do with a displacement of the birth canal, which should not be such, but which sometimes takes place during pregnancy.

This is a movement produced by the secretion of hormones before giving birth, which makes the woman feel stiff and can also affect the discomfort of the vagina. The intimate area may hurt at the time of pregnancy by the growth of the uterus and genital cramps and small spasms that occur in pregnancy.

The body prepares for childbirth, and it is normal that during the third trimester and as the moment of birth comes, this area widens and cramps are more common causing pain. However, if these pains are very sharp and occur from the beginning of pregnancy, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist in case there are any genital infection.

If we feel vaginal pain in pregnancy, the best thing to end it is to strengthen the walls of the vagina. The most recommended exercises are those of Kegel, which consist of contract and relax the muscles of the vagina in order to gain strength. These repetitions must be done constantly several times a day so that the vaginal walls are strengthened and thus as the birth canal grows, the pain in this area will decrease. Strengthening the pelvic floor is very important to reduce illness and discomfort before, during and after pregnancy.

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