Nail biting. Bad habits of children

Nail biting. Bad habits of children

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This habit is not exclusive to children either. But it is one of the most difficult behaviors to interpret. It usually appears before 3 years of age and is generally associated with situations of anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

Boredom can also lead a child to nail biting. But, if the child is healthy, that is, plays, studies, has friends, eats and sleeps well, and seems to be happy with his life, it is probably a passing bad habit. And in this case it is best not to interfere and wait for it to happen.

In any case, there are many reasons why a child bite your nails. One because things are not going well at school, another because he is not happy with himself, or because he lives in a situation of nervousness, fear, tension, or because he likes to hurt himself.

There are children who bite their nails and only stop when they bleed. Nail biting is a long-lasting vice. According to Dr. Pedro Barreda, from, it is one of the most common habits of childhood: 'Some studies estimate that 40% of children between 5 and 18 years old bite their nails.'

Both boys and girls bite their nails at the same rate during the early years. However, as they get older, children are more likely to continue the bad habit.

Tips for children not to bite their nails:

- To help the child we can first detect what is causing it and be able to act accordingly.

- Explain to the child that when they bite their nails they can leave stepfathers that hurt, the fingers can be deformed and have hands with a little neat appearance.

- Explain that the nails are exposed to dirt from what we touch and if we bite them it can cause infections.

- Ask you to stop biting a nail and when I get to reward him, and so on until it is achieved with all of them.

- And, above all, a lot of motivation to achieve it.

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