Causes of school failure in children

Causes of school failure in children

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When there is school failure in children, parents usually point to the school and the school usually point to the parents ... but what really happens? What is the role of the child in all this? Children need motivation to be able to do things and it is only achieved when there is good teamwork between parents and teaching professionals.

When school failure occurs, children become increasingly estranged from their peers until they finally disconnect from the educational system, with a final result of school dropout. Sometimes it can occur in students who have the capacity and intelligence for success but who are unwilling to follow the school system.

Academic performance may begin to decline due to emotional problems such as moving from one school to another, family problems, behavioral disorders, etc. But there are some causes that unfortunately recur a lot when there is school failure:

- Pregnancy and parenthood. Teen pregnancy is a cause of school dropout because they feel ashamed to go back to school or because they continue with the pregnancy and the discomfort does not allow them to continue with normal academic development. When the baby is born, it requires a long time of care so they do not have enough energy to be able to study well. It is necessary that in all educational centers and from home there is sufficient communication and information so that children can receive a good sexual education.

- Boredom. Especially the smartest students tend to drop out out of boredom. Many students think that they have no emotional connection with their teachers and therefore cannot feel academically motivated. Boredom is a problem that must be addressed by students, parents, school, and education professionals.

- Lack of support. Many students feel that studying is not important because their parents are not supportive or because they do not receive enough attention to motivate them. Parents who do not encourage their child at all times, who shows no interest in school work, and no real interest in school lifeā€¦ may see no reason to keep going with school work. Parents should prioritize education in school.

- Emotional problems. It is possible that the child feels anxiety about the tests, that he has negative thoughts about his future, that he feels sad and depressed, that the anxiety does not allow him to sleep well ... if a child has emotional problems, do not let it pass. It is necessary to find the root of the problem to be able to solve it as soon as possible.

- Learning difficulties. Learning disabilities are conditions that interfere with obtaining specific academic skills. Learning disorders can make it difficult for a person to concentrate or to process and remember information. When difficulties are recognized early, certain teaching strategies can help a student overcome the learning problem that often leads to behavior problems as well. The frustration generated when these problems are not recognized is one of the main causes of school failure and even dropout.

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