Bouquet of flowers with balloons. Balloon twisting craft for kids

Bouquet of flowers with balloons. Balloon twisting craft for kids

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Balloon decorations are a colorful, fun and inexpensive option for events like a children's party. If you want to give a more original touch to the decoration, in We suggest you make this craft of flower with balloons.

Balloon twisting is the art of turning simple balloons into fantasy objects such as swords or hats. This time we explain how to make a balloon flower step by step.

  • Orange elongated balloons
  • Pink elongated balloons
  • Green elongated balloons
  • Yellow elongated balloons

Advice: You can use a specially shaped balloon, called a GeoFlor, to make the base of the planter, or hang them up for decoration.

1. Blow up an elongated balloon and tie its ends into a circle. Twist the balloon on the side opposite the knot to divide it into two equal parts.

2. Divide the balloon into three equal parts again, twist it and put the three parts together.

3. Rotate the balloon until all three parts form an accordion.

4. Join the ends of the balloons to divide them in two again and bring them to the center

5. Join the folds you have made to form a flower with six petals.

6. Blow up a green balloon and make two small bubbles on the sides by twisting the ends. Place a flower at each end.

7. Repeat until you have four double flowers, tie them together to form a bouquet.

Video: How to make a special BALLOON FLOWER effect in the bouquet without TapeGlue (October 2022).