Childhood cancer: retinoblastoma

Childhood cancer: retinoblastoma

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The statistics on cancer cases are not encouraging. Cancer cases are increasing and although this disease seemed to affect only adults, every day more cases are known among children. Today, they are looking for information, associations, and above all support and encouragement.

A few years ago we received the sad news that the youngest daughter of some friends had been diagnosed with cancer. A retinoblastoma in his left eye. The girl did not reach her first year of age, and they gave her chemotherapy cycles, and of course, that brought us all down, her family and us too. Today, happily, the girl is perfectly fine. He has lost some vision in the diseased eye, but he adapted very well to the treatment, and continues as if nothing, yes, always under observation. It is that children are like rubber bands, they shrink and then they stretch again.

Cases similar to this can also be seen in our Forum. What to say to the parents of a sick child with cancer? I think that the signs of hope and support are welcome in these cases, after all, nobody can do anything more than follow the treatment and dress with great strength. If you are going through a similar problem and if it helps you, this is what one of the mothers in the forum answers to another mother:

'I also had retinoblastoma, they detected it at 22 months and by 25 months they already made me an enucleation. Undoubtedly, my mom and dad suffered a lot, I can't tell you about that because I don't remember ... but here is someone who is living proof that your girl is going to get better ... I'm already 22 today years and I lead a normal life ... sometimes it was not so easy because wearing a prosthesis sometimes costs because there are bad people, but God is great and gave me a family that loves me just the way I am and gave me confidence and Strength to be normal, so courage and faith. '

If your child has been diagnosed with retinoblastoma, don't despair. It is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the retina, which can occur at any age, although more frequently in children under 5 years of age. It is usually hereditary (if it forms in both eyes), non-hereditary (in only one eye), and curable.

Possible signs of this cancer include a white pupil and eye pain or redness. The diagnosis is made through different tests on the retina: ultrasound, physical examination, MRI, etc. And as for the treatment, it will depend on each case.

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