Bouquet of hearts. Crafts for kids

Bouquet of hearts. Crafts for kids

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This bouquet of hearts, made with cardboard, is a very romantic gift to offer to a friend for Valentine's Day. Also ideal as a Mother's Day gift. A very simple and easy craft to make with children.

It is a children's craft that will awaken affection in children, as well as their creativity and desire to give as gifts. It is an ideal activity to develop and stimulate the fine motor skills of children.

  • Green or white paper
  • Colour cardboard
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Color tapes

Advice: Choose the card stock color that you like the most, even with patterns or polka dots.

1. Draw hearts of different sizes on cardstock in shades of pink and red and cut them out.

2. Roll strips of green or white paper to make the stems. Close them with glue or tape.

3. Glue the hearts to the paper stems.

4. Cut the colored ribbons.

5. Gather the stems and tie them with ribbons to form the bouquet of hearts.

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