10 tips against childhood obesity

10 tips against childhood obesity

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Tricks to combat overweight in children


Eating well and balanced is just as important as doing sports every day. Our organism favors movement, since it facilitates the task of various systems, such as the digestive system.

Three quarters of our body weight is water, so we must not neglect the amount of water that the children we drink each day should drink. It is advisable to drink two to three liters, about six or eight glasses.

Although cakes or tarts are the most appealing to children, they can only eat one serving of these sweets per week. Fruit should be their usual dessert and we have to get them used to eating a minimum of 3 pieces a day.

As with meat, fish two or three times a week provide very healthy fats, mainly for the heart. Blue fish is much healthier and richer, but if you have a problem giving your children fish, here are recipes with fish for children.

Although it is not recommended every day, eating meat twice a week will provide the necessary iron and protein to the child's body. Of course, we should always accompany it with vegetables, as in stews and stews.

The benefits of dairy in our diet are innumerable, so we recommend that children drink milk, cheese or yogurt on a daily basis. Calcium, which is the mineral that gives strength to our bones, is obtained by taking dairy products so we should never do without them.

To prevent our child from consuming artificial fats and additives, we must always give him, as far as possible, foods that have been grown naturally and that are as fresh as possible. The more vitamins, the better the health of the child.

Cereals are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, which is why they are essential every day in children's nutrition. A child's day is too tiring if they have to go to school, play sports and do their homework, so we recommend bread, rice or pasta so that they can overcome it without problems.

In addition to healthy fats such as oil, cereals, and fruit, vegetables should also be part of a child's diet every day. Sometimes it is difficult to give vegetables to children, but there are recipes with delicious vegetables that your children will surely love.

Olive oil is one of the ingredients that should be present in the daily diet of our child, as it helps to lose weight, relieves pain, prevents mental deterioration, prevents cancer and is a strong ally against diabetes.

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