Saint Blaise's day, February 3. Names for boys

Saint Blaise's day, February 3. Names for boys

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Blas is a name for a child of uncertain origin, although most of them relate it to the Greek meaning 'germinate' or 'sprout'. It is a name that has been kept in moderate use since ancient times, but that never goes out of style, so it can be a good option for your baby.

Celebrate your name day February 3, which is the day of San Blas.

The name Blas comes with an important load of elegance, sophistication and refinement. Blas is all charisma and wit, so he can fit into any environment. With great intellectual gifts and a creative spirit, Blas also has an enormous capacity for work, adapting to the needs that the situation requires.

Your son's name is used all over the world. Very common in Slavic countries, we also know its English variant Blase, French Blaise and Italian Biagio. Blas also appears as a surname, as does its older form Blay. It also has a long tradition that begins with Santo Blas, who is invoked to solve cough and toothache problems.

If the name Blas is very familiar to us, it is thanks to the fictional character of Sesame Street, Blas, who shares the limelight with his brother Epi. It should be said that it is a free translation of the names of these plush puppets, since originally in English they were called Ernie and Bert.

But we also know great personalities who were named after your son. Blas is the name of numerous writers, something that reflects his tendency to creativity, the poet Blas de Otero standing out among them all. No less importance was the Andalusian ideologue Blas Infante and we cannot forget the French scientist and philosopher Blas Pascal.

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