How to dress babies when it's cold

How to dress babies when it's cold

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How am I going to dress my baby to go out today, when it's so cold? It is not always easy to choose the right clothes. As soon as I had my first baby, they told me that newborn babies cannot regulate body temperature well, so you have to shelter them enough so that they do not lose heat. Later, they recommend that, since their mobility is reduced, they must wear one more item of clothing than us.

Sudden changes in temperature are the main enemies of newborns when winter arrives. That being cold in the morning and hot at noon, can upset and even make our baby sick. Fall and winter are difficult times to dress your baby. Many times, fearing that they might catch cold, we wrap them excessively and other times, seeing the sun that shines from the window, we trust ourselves and we cover them little.

Faced with the forecast of a cold day, mothers usually take our offspring and put them in a naive and warm diver, but before doing so we have to take into account how we are going to move and where we are going to go, since it is not the same Let's be outdoors, go to a mall and go from cold to hot.

We must ensure that the baby's temperature is as constant as possible to prevent our babies from suffering the typical cold attacks on their skin such as chilblains, dryness, cut lips, eczema, dermatitis, or even virus diseases. We must consider, in addition to the lack of clothing, that excess clothing is also inadvisable, since overheating causes them to suffocate, sweat and turn red like cooked crabs.

The key is to choose the most suitable clothes for our baby, anticipating the circumstances of our departures. We must choose clothes made of a fabric that allows the baby to perspire, and that is comfortable when it comes to getting rid of a garment or changing the diaper, to avoid ending up like a roast chicken. Many of the colds are caught after sweating, when the sweat released wets the clothing and remains cold in contact with the skinSo to avoid it, it is best to observe the ambient temperature in the street and choose a time when the sun is high, to avoid the most extreme temperatures of the day; adapt the amount of clothing to the place where we are and control the child's body temperature, observing the appearance of his skin, touching the nape and neck or observing the color of the skin (the hands are sometimes cold, but not because they are cold, but because they suck them).

It is also convenient that we use the plastic of the cart that protects them from the rain and cold, and that we be proactive and always carry some extra garment in your walking bag: a jacket, hat or gloves in case the inclemencies appear suddenly, or the temperature changes abruptly when the sunlight stops giving us. This is how winter spends them!

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