The meals you feed your child

The meals you feed your child

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What is your child's favorite food dish? I mean the plate that makes your eyes shine when it comes to the table. In my house, the star dish is lasagna. Almost every Sunday that we eat at home, I usually prepare one for my daughter.

She says that I make it different from the ones she has eaten in other places. So much so that when her friends come home to eat, she asks me to make lasagna. Will you want to show off?

I love cooking. Trying new ingredients, new culinary recipes, is something that encourages me a lot, although I admit that I have no culinary skills. I do the right thing, I seek to enhance something different and nothing more. For example, in the lasagna, apart from the bolognese sauce and the cheese, I also add some slices of ham or other very thin slices of zucchini or aubergines. It gives them a different flavor and a juicier texture, apart from the fact that the vegetables are very rich and nutritious for children. When I make meatballs, I usually put a lot of carrots in the sauce. Everything is a matter of testing.

I think that at each age children have different preferences when it comes to food. I'm not talking about babies because they will surely have their mother's breast milk as their favorite food. I am referring to children over 3 years of age. My daughter, when she was little, loved peas, fish, watermelon ... and today she doesn't even want to see them. Could it be that children's palates change over time? I don't know, but the truth is that there are children who like to eat everything and even fight at mealtime when there is something that drives them crazy; and there are others, who do not care exactly the same. My daughter, once, was fascinated by rice. He ate it anyway: cooked rice, Chinese rice, fried rice, seafood rice, rice croquettes ... even his favorite dessert was sweet rice. Every Saturday, at my house, we had to have paella to eat.

Over time, eating habits have changed. There is less time to cook and many families end up feeding their children fast food. However, if there is something that children love, and that does not require much preparation or time, that is pasta. Tomato macaroni are a delicacy for them. Then the spaghetti, the noodles, the pizza, and some stars or letters in the soup. And the fries? Well, just writing is making me hungry! So I leave you, waiting to know what your son likes most about what you cook.

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