Children's imagination and creativity have no limits

Children's imagination and creativity have no limits

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If I told you about all the imaginative moments my daughter had when she was little, you would be surprised and amazed. Her imagination and fantasy made me open my mouth and raise my eyebrows!

It is that the imagination of our children has no limits, it is free and does not need batteries. It arises from his inner bustle, from his desires and needs, from his naturalness and spontaneity, or simply from the magic of being a child. Also, her fantasies are harmless, although she can sometimes get past the security barrier.

There are children who entertain themselves with anything, a piece of paper, a roll of toilet paper, leaves of a tree, sticks and chopsticks, stones ... and there are even some who enjoy the paper that wraps a gift more than their own gift. There are children to whom you give a small plane and you don't know what they are capable of doing with it. You give them a cardboard box and they are able to build a princess house or a cave. And from a shopping bag you can get a really fun costume. This is how children are, recyclers of illusion.

I wonder when children put their imaginations aside and go on to live only from reality. I don't remember when was the last time my daughter left a letter on the window for her fairy, imaginary friend. Nor when he stopped 'whistling' out of the car to the garage door of our house, without playing hide-and-seek with his' playful elf ', or giving his math classes to all his puppets, or getting on the' magic carpet 'from the corridor of the house, and imagine flying like Aladdin through the world, or giving such strange shapes to the plasticine that they made a lot of sense to her. She also had, in her busy schedule of mischief, the time to paint. He began by painting the face, the arms, then went to the walls ... what a burden! I ended up having to buy her a roll of paper so that she could give 'wings to her fantasy', in a more comfortable way for everyone. His desire to try, to experiment ... had no limits!

My daughter, like many five- or six-year-olds, had a very well 'furnished' imagination. On a summer afternoon, for example, since she was ill and we couldn't go down to the patio and the pool to cool off, I was surprised when I entered her room and found her dressed in her polka dot swimsuit, lying on top of a towel on the floor. of your room. Beside him were the beach bucket and shovel, which he used to play with in the sand in the park, as well as an open umbrella. I asked him what she was doing. And he replied: Can't you see, mom? I'm on the beach ... come on, put on your swimsuit and take advantage of the sun, and by the way, bring me a snack, please. I swear to you I was speechless. I just wanted to hug my little girl ...

Many parents wonder if it is normal for their child to talk to himself, imitate characters, idealize situations and play with it. Psychologists agree that there is no reason to worry. The child uses fantasy to understand, interpret and recreate the world around him. Putting yourself in a wrong situation or place will help you understand certain rules and limits. Children's imagination is the basis of children's creativity and therefore must be free and respected.

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