18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks pregnant

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In the week 18 of pregnancy the woman's uterus is larger, possibly already touching the level of her navel. When the expectant mother reaches this stage, it is normal that she feels the need to urinate more and more frequently and has to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom, because the growth of the uterus compresses her bladder. The symptoms are similar to those of a urine infection, with the difference that the woman does not feel any stinging.

The progressive change of the woman's body is noticeable every day, making her posture and the position of her spine no longer the same and that it is difficult for her to maintain balance when walking. At this stage it is normal for women to feel more discomfort in the back or lumbar.

Your belly and breasts will grow quite a bit throughout this week. So if a woman hasn't worn maternity clothes or larger bras so far, she may start to need them.

The pains generated by the woman's weight gain as well as by the growth of the belly, are inevitable although they can be alleviated with a series of exercises and a healthy diet. From week 18 on, a woman may begin to have cravings and predilections for certain foods.

In the week 18 of pregnancy The doctor can recommend the woman to do an ultrasound to measure the baby and look in more detail at the development of her organs and limbs, and thus rule out malformations. You can even confirm the sex of the baby.

It is normal for the mood to change in pregnant women at this stage. You may feel more sensitive, inattentive, more anxious, or fearful about the baby in your womb. That is why it is very important that you always stay active, walk and eat as balanced a diet as possible.

Avoid being in an environment where there is a lot of tobacco smoke. Cigarette smoke often affects the health of the baby and the woman.

In week 18 of pregnancy, the baby usually measures between 15 and 18 cm and weighs between 160 and 200 grams. The little one shows considerable development at this stage. The eyelashes as well as the eyebrows will start to appear.

The position of the eyes as well as the ears of the baby are more appropriate and definitive. It is very possible that the baby begins to hear sounds from the outside, as well as the beating of his own heart and the passage of his blood through the umbilical cord. This is possible because the bones of your inner ear and the nerve endings in your brain are fully developing. It would be better to put some music or sing to him.

At this stage, the baby will also be able to make faces, to move the muscles of his face, so if an ultrasound is done, he may notice a little smile. The baby will also be able to yawn and make facial gestures. He may hiccup and make the odd sound, although only he will be able to hear it.

At week eighteen, the baby will have his fingerprints almost formed and his bones begin to solidify.

The baby's digestive system also begins to function allowing the baby to swallow amniotic fluid.

Constipation can continue to bother the pregnant woman during this week. To alleviate her symptoms, it is advisable for her to eat a diet rich in fiber, lots of fruit and vegetables, and to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

At this stage it is also important that, in addition to fruit and vegetables, the woman also consumes more red meat, legumes and nuts, to increase the amount of iron in her blood. Anemia at this stage of pregnancy could be bad for her and her baby.

The role of calcium is also very important for the health of the woman in week 18. It will help her in the formation of the teeth, baby bones, in addition to favoring the woman's body. Your doctor will review you and prescribe, if necessary, a calcium supplement or an increase in certain foods in your diet.

If until this 18th week of pregnancy, the woman was used to sleeping on her stomach, it is possible that due to the growth of the belly, she has to change her sleeping position. Throughout this week you may start to have a hard time finding a better sleeping position. The best position for this stage is to sleep on your left or side, putting a pillow under your knees or between your legs.

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