The obsession with success makes children sick

The obsession with success makes children sick

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What is the goal in life? Succeed? Be the best? Or be happy? The messages our children constantly receive are contradictory. We want our children to be happy, but at the same time we demand that they be competitive, get the best grade, be the best doing sports ...

Careful! Your obsession with success can make your child sick.

Obsessions create stress. Stress, anxiety. Anxiety makes the mind and body sick. It can even be one of the causes of depression in children.

Stuart Slavin, pediatrician and professor at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine (USA), carried out an experiment with adolescent students. The result was alarming: 54% of the students had moderate or severe symptoms of depression. Something that they had been dragging since they were little.

If we stop to think about the life our children have, we will surely realize that it is very different from the one we had. They spend 8 hours at school. But when they go out, they have English classes, drawing, music, dance ... and when they get home a mountain of homework awaits them. In the end, they finish doing everything so late that it is time for dinner, and there is no time to play. Just to lie down. So one day, and another and another.

But of course, children cannot stop doing all these tasks. They are part of your learning, right? On your way to success. If they don't, someone else will, and he will be relegated to last place. And when the time comes to look for work, there will always be someone better to take it away.

Hence the obsession of parents. In such a competitive world, education has lost its essence. Now it's about a race, a race to success. And yet, this obsession the only thing that it generates in children is a pressure and demand for which they are not prepared. And with stress, you never get anything good.

Pediatrician Stuart Slavin warns of the danger this poses. A 5-year-old is not ready to compete. You are not prepared for the battle for success. At 5 years old, a child should only have one goal: to be happy. And for them, you should only have one obligation: to play.

Although it may seem amazing to us, children can suffer stress from a young age. We may not realize it, but it is there, very evident in all these symptoms:

1. Insomnia. The child cannot sleep. He sleeps less than recommended (10-12 hours) and has serious trouble falling asleep.

2. Headaches. A child with stress constantly complains of a headache. It can even give you migraines.

3. Ulcer and stomach pain. Stress directly affects the stomach. The child with stress has eating problems or disorders. You may have moments of anxiety when you demand more food and moments of depression that cause you to refuse food. This situation causes stomach pain.

4. Social skills problems. They are more competitive children, who have serious problems controlling their emotions.

5. Concentration problems.

Remember: a stressed child may tomorrow be an adult with emotional problems. To avoid this, limit the time your 5-6 year old child dedicates to extracurricular activities, do not let him do more than 20 minutes a day of homework a day, do not give him homework on vacations and weekends and let him play . After all, he is a boy.

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