The miracle baby who woke up crying before being cremated

The miracle baby who woke up crying before being cremated

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He was born before his time, and everyone left him for dead, but An An proved that he was not going to stop fighting for life. The doctors filled out their death report. The newborn was not breathing.

An An spent about 15 hours in the morgue, at minus 12 degrees. But moments before being cremated, the miracle happened.

The little one began to moan, shortly before being cremated. A moan that turned into tears. Nobody could believe what they heard. An An was not dead!

The little boy had spent the whole night in a cold room in the morgue, at -12ÂșC, and yet he was alive. The person responsible for the cremation stopped the procedure and quickly called the parents of the newborn.

An An was born on January 8 at 7 months of gestation in a Hospital in Zejiang, southeast China. The little boy quickly went to the incubator, but his parents asked the doctors to take him home for a few days. to celebrate the Chinese New Year (which always starts in early February). The little boy got worse at home, and the parents took him back to the hospital. The doctors couldn't do anything for him. They signed his death certificate and everyone left him for dead.

Dr. Chen, the pediatrician who treated him, has stated that he had never seen anything like it. "Without a doubt, this is a miracle," he said. Nevertheless, It is not the first case of these characteristics that occurs in China. Something similar also happened in 2013: a baby presumed dead came back to life just before being cremated. In this case, the baby suffered from a congenital malformation of the respiratory system.

The doctor does not avoid talking about the serious mistake they made at the hospital. The doctors had to have confirmed the death a second time after signing the death certificate. And they did not.

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