How the baby can recognize his dad if he has a twin

How the baby can recognize his dad if he has a twin

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When does a baby recognize the most familiar faces like mom or dad? It is a very common question among new parents, eager that the baby knows how to distinguish between unfamiliar faces.

However, sight is not the most developed organ of a newborn, but smell. The baby is able to recognize the smell of its mother within a few hours of birth, however it is not until two months when he recognizes the most familiar faces.

What happens if we also try to confuse the baby? This is what Stephen and Michael have done, two twins who had the idea to try if Stephen's baby could recognize him when he was with his identical brother.

The twins pass the baby from one to the other asking, 'Who is he? The baby raises his arms towards Stephen and says 'daddy' and when he's with him, they ask him again: 'who is he?' and, again, he raises his arms for Michael to take him because he thinks he is his father.

The confusion of this baby makes the home experiment reveal that when the baby can distinguish faces, the senses such as smell or voice take a back seat, and the baby is only guided by the physical features of people, in this case identical.

A newborn baby can identify his mother not by her face, but by her smell. So much so that if a handkerchief or towel with the mother's scent is placed on one side of the head and a handkerchief with the scent of another mother on the other, the baby will turn his head towards the mother's scent. The first sense that the baby develops, therefore, is that of smell and it is the one that helps him to recognize his mother.

And how do they recognize dad? The tone of voice is what will give you the clue of who your father is. It was already coming through the placenta, albeit muffled. Studies reveal that a baby can distinguish his father's voice, if he spoke to him during pregnancy, from various male voices.

Of all the senses, sight is the one that takes the longest to develop, and is that the baby spends 9 months in the dark in the womb. At birth he only sees lumps and shapes, he does not capture the features of the face and neither the colors.

After two months, their environment begins to show more clearly. You can now focus and identify objects, also the faces of Mom and Dad and even your hands, which you often analyze and look at in detail. It is at this age when he also begins to coordinate his eyes. And it will not be until 9 months when they see perfectly.

My year and a half baby perfectly recognizes the people around him, but he is capable of screaming like crazy 'mamaaaaaaa', 'mamaaaaaa' if in the distance he sees a woman who looks like me and, in short, ... Who has not happened?

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