Videos on sex education for children

Videos on sex education for children

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Child sexuality is one of the doors through which the child develops his personality and his relationships with affectivity. Sexuality is a natural aspect of human beings and how such should be educated.

The paths to discovering one's own body and its sensations must be directed from the naturalness and values ​​to be the most suitable for children.

We show you a series of tips offered by psychologistMonica Poblador, so that they help you in the sexual education of your children.

What is sexuality. What are we talking about when we talk about sexuality? Mónica Poblador, a psychologist at the Álava-Reyes Consultores Psychology Center, explains to parents how we can teach children about sexuality.

Errors in sex education. Why are parents so embarrassed to talk to their children about sex? What words should we use with them? What is the best time to talk about sex with children? Everything you've always wanted to know about sex education in the following video.

Answer questions about sex. How should parents respond to children's doubts about sexuality? The psychologist Mónica Poblador advises parents from our site what their position should be when faced with doubts about children's sexuality.

Should we show ourselves naked? What benefits does it have for children that parents show ourselves naked before them. Find out what the psychologist Mónica Poblador recommends to us about parental behavior when faced with nudity at home or on nudist beaches.

When there is a sex scene on television. All parents have gone through that situation: being with their child on the couch at home watching television and suddenly having sex scenes. How should we older people act? What to do if we see scenes of sexes in front of children? Here we tell you!

Help the child when he is homosexual. Watch this video and you will know how we can help a son when he is homosexual. The psychologist Mónica Poblador indicates some recommendations to promote the psychological well-being of young people and their families.

How to explain conception to children. Where do children come from, how are they born, how do babies arrive in the mother's belly, are frequently asked questions by our children. The psychologist Mónica Poblador explains what we can say to young children so that they understand.

When the child catches us making love. The psychologist Mónica Poblador helps us find a solution to a question that may arise in many parents: What should we say to the child in case he catches us making love? We talk about sex education and how we can react to this situation with our children.

How to give a healthy sexual education. What should not be missing in a healthy sexual education? The ingredients of the psychologist Mónica Poblador to build a good sexual education. How to educate the sexuality of children in a healthy and positive way.

Sexuality from 6 years old. How do children discover sexuality from the age of 6? Mónica Poblador, psychologist at the Álava-Reyes Consultores Center, discovers on our site how children consolidate their sexual identity.

Sexuality in early childhood. The discovery of sexuality is a cycle that unfolds over the ages. The psychologist Mónica Poblador tells us about the manifestations of sexuality in early childhood.

Discover the child touching his genitals. What should we do when we discover our son exploring his body? The psychologist Mónica Poblador does not clarify and gives us information about the limits on the subject of infantile masturbation. Sex education for children is essential for them to understand how their body works.

Why educate children sexually. Find out why you should teach Sex Education to children. The psychologist Mónica Poblador tells us about the benefits of training healthy and responsible people in matters of sexuality. Don't miss out on all the tips on family sex education.

Educate sexual identity. The development of the sexual identity of children begins at the moment of conception and goes through different stages. Parents have the obligation to be by their side and explain the sex differences and educate them in equality and in a world where men and women are equal.

Explain homosexuality. How can we explain homosexuality to children? The psychologist Mónica Poblador offers us interesting advice to address the issue of homosexuality with children. We give you some very interesting tips for the sexual education of your children.

Play touch with other children. Monica Population, a psychologist specializing in children, tells us what it is necessary to do when children play to touch other children and how to talk with our children about childhood masturbation. We learn about sexuality education and child sexuality with a psychologist.

The modesty and shame of children. What should be the position of parents in the face of shame and shame of children? Mónica Poblador's advice to respect the privacy of children. In this video, you will have tips on how to deal with the shame of your children. How to respect your privacy.

Educate without having received sexual education. Talking to children about sex to try to educate them sexually is a difficult and complicated task for some parents, especially for those who have not received any kind of education in this regard. The psychologist Mónica Poblador gives us a few tips.

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