The giant crocodile. Poetry with rhyme for children

The giant crocodile. Poetry with rhyme for children

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We suggest you bring poetry to your children in a fun and entertaining way. To do this, use short and rhyming poetry. They are more entertaining and will capture the attention of the little ones without problem.

In this poem, The giant crocodile, your child will also learn values ​​such as empathy and solidarity. Do you want to know how? Find out what happened to the crocodile, an animal that everyone feared but ended up helping to ease its pain.

Resting on a stone

a crocodile slept,

he was always alone

for their size they feared.

His teeth were so big

so huge his gums,

that no one approached him

fearing to lose his life.

The crocodile was good

and it caused him pain,

than the other animals

they were so terrified of him.

A sloth looks at him

from a tree up high

nestled in the trunk,

he's been watching for a while.

Open your eyes slowly

look and look at it again,

see the huge crocodile

his jaw close.

Suddenly the crocodile

a tooth starts to hurt,

he's getting nervous

and stirs impatiently.

The lazy man watches him,

and is very afraid.

The crocodile moves

twists in fury,

and with the strength he has

causes the earth to tremble.

The scared sloth

looks at him with compassion,

from one side to the other it moves

with great despair.

An elephant is approaching

alarmed by the noises,

ears extended

He has heard the lazy person.

The belly crocodile

with the pain he does not know,

they look at it from the outside

and they see that he despairs.

The very slow sloth

has begun to descend,

with its trunk the elephant

has taken it down where he.

Little by little they approach him,

and being by his side already,

the reptile opens its mouth

With its trunk the elephant

hooks the tooth very well,

pulling with great force

the lazy man feels it.

The relief has now been

the relief, now feel,

the crocodile noticed

almost immediately.

All three are very happy

after what happened,

especially the crocodile

who looks at them gratefully.

He tells them all his life,

how much was his pain,

he thanks you again

for overcoming your fear.

Together to sunbathe

they accompany the crocodile,

realizing that sometimes,

looks are deceiving.

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