How often do children bathe? Child hygiene tips

How often do children bathe? Child hygiene tips

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The personal hygiene It is a very important habit that must be taken into account from childhood. Knowing what to clean and how to do it is something parents should teach children, both to smell good and to keep the skin in perfect condition. healthy conditions. But there is a debate from babies to children, how often should they bathe or shower?

1. Babies' bath: In the case of babies, many pediatricians recommend not bathing them every day, since their skin is much thinner than that of adults, and when they are newborns, bathing could be more harmful than the lack of it. Also, keep in mind that the baby it doesn't get so dirty or sweat like an older child, so you don't have to worry about not bathing every day, as experts recommend. However, if the frequency is higher, it is advisable not to use aggressive shampoos or gels for your skin, since water is enough if we do it daily. For some parents, the bathroom is a very intimate moment with your child, and beyond cleaning, it symbolizes a very special family bond and a unique feeling throughout the day, as well as being very beautiful due to the splashing of the baby, who can gradually become familiar with the water, although not it is medically necessary every day.

With two or three times a week it would be enough for babies of a few weeks, although it is important that the diaper area. So that children do not suffer from abrasions or infections, the genital area must be perfectly clean and dry, so it is very important that a good level of hygiene even if he does not bathe.

2. The children's bathroom: In the case of children who are no longer babies, the matter changes. When children start to crawl or even walk, they move a lot more, and what about those who are already over two years old and are much more autonomous and in constant movement. The children's bathroom it must be much more frequent than that of babies, and many experts recommend introducing the bath daily or every other day so that the hygiene routine is constant.

The reasons are body odor, and the sweat that children have throughout the day, whether from school, extracurricular activities or the games themselves, but it also happens through the duty that children know that it is important to maintain a routine hygiene. For hair care in children, no need to wash it every time they showerInstead, it can be done once or twice a week in order to keep you healthy.

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