Your favorite Easter recipe

Your favorite Easter recipe

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Easter is a very special date. For children, it is the first school holidays after Christmas. It is the moment to be with the children, to spend pleasant moments doing a lot of activities, that the day-to-day obligations, between school hours and homework, do not allow us. Activities such as cooking and preparing delicious recipes.

Passing on the witness of traditions such as those of Holy Week or Easter is one of those activities that takes time and dedication. Parents' time to transmit customs to children, which in turn, have been instilled in us by our parents and grandparents through experiences and experiences that we will never forget and that remain etched in our memory forever. And dedication, which we must use in transmitting ideas, customs, recipes and ways of doing things.

The preparation of typical Easter recipes and sweets is a way of transmitting these traditions to the children, who will let themselves be enveloped by the pleasant aroma of the kitchen and by the stories that we will tell them. As they help us develop the typical dishes of Easter, children will learn new ways of living the traditions. Thus, I still remember my grandmother teaching me how to make French toast, while she told me stories and was interested in my things.

Those torrijas, whose recipe I have in mind and I have never had to write it down because I will not forget it, they tasted great to me and whenever I eat them I remember all that, my Easter breaks. And it is that apart from torrijas, which are my favorites, and that can be made in a thousand ways: chocolate torrijas, orange torrijas, torrijas with sweet wine ... in those days it was also customary to give Easter eggs and make donuts, among other delicacies.

Because meat was not supposed to be eaten on Friday vigil, we all ate exquisite cod dishes at the table. The chickpea and cod stew, and the Portuguese cod cod were always my favorite dishes among the delicacies that my grandmother prepared, while my mother made her cod croquettes, a specialty of hers, to which she knew how to give a very personal touch.

You sure have a favorite recipe too. Do you like to cook with children and take advantage of the moment to chat with them? What do you usually prepare for Easter to surprise your family? Tell us about it and send us your recipes through our official page on Facebook.

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