I want to be like you. Fable with moral for children

I want to be like you. Fable with moral for children

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Fables are cautionary tales, good transmitters of values. They are fantastic tools for educating children and teaching them to name emotions and feelings.

In this case, Lolo is a parrot that is not fully accepted. He wants to be like other animals. But in the end you will learn a great lesson.

All kinds of animals lived in the jungle and they lived together in peace and harmony. The most prominent was Lolo, a brightly colored parrot that he was not content to be who he was. He sought to be the same as the rest of the animals, and for that he copied something characteristic of them.

Lolo, like every morning, flew across the blue skies that he painted in the jungle. From the heights, Lolo saw a giraffe lengthen its long neck trying to reach the tall leaves of the trees. Lolo glided gently until he was leaning on one of the strong branches where the giraffe was calmly tasting the green leaves.

- Giraffe, I want to be like you. I want to be so tall that I do not fear for anything or anyone- said the parrot happily.

The giraffe looked at the little parrot in puzzlement.

- Are you crazy? Are you kidding me? How can you be like me if you don't have a neck as long as mine! Stop bothering me and keep flying.

Lolo took off, indignant at the giraffe's response, and left.

Watching carefully, he saw a lion waking up from his gratifying nap, he approached him cautiously and with a trembling voice he said to the big cat.

- I want to be like you, not be afraid of anything and respect me with a simple roar.

The lion laughed out loud. Thinking that such a small being had a great sense of humor.

- Of course you want to be like me. I am the king of the jungle, but to be a king I do not see that you wear a long hair like mine.

Lolo ignored his majesty the lion and flew away to cool off in a pond, where a small baby elephant was bathing. The parrot landed and perched on the little elephant's back.

- Don't be scared, I'm just like you, I'm an elephant. Like fruit, just like you. And I like to cool off.

The little elephant thought that the parrot was tricking him and was not fooled.

- You are not one of us, you are not an elephant. Let's see talkative ... Where do you have your big ears? Where is your long trunk? .. You don't even have long fangs like my parents, you are also very small and full of feathers. I do not know what you can be, but when you know it you will be amazed by your beauty. I must go, my mother is calling me. See you later!

Lolo's strength began to weaken, he didn't know anything about himself and his desire to know who he was was fading like a flame. Suddenly, saw a bird appear with very striking colors, a bird of the strangest that Lolo could see in his life. Anyway, that bird seemed most interesting to him. He walked and displayed his charming feathers, their colors merged with each other, it was as if someone had mixed their best colors and would have given color to that bird, it was the most elegant bird of all, it called itself a peacock.

Lolo fell in love with the variety of colors that he kept in his elegant tail. Lolo was clear about it, and did not have time to think twice.

- Now I do. I'm like you. How deluded he was! You have a very showy beak and feathers, just like I have them.

The young parrot was radiant with joy and could not believe that after so much effort and so many times making mistakes he had found his fellow man. The peacock would not stop looking at the little parrot with a friendly and tender gesture.

- I've heard a lot about you, Lolo, that's what your name is, isn't it?

Lolo nodded sheepishly and looked down at the ground. That majestic bird commanded him a lot of respect.

- Come with me Lolo, it's time for you to know who you are.

Lolo followed the peacock, he had given him a lot of confidence and his words would answer all his questions. Who was he really? He took him to a pond where its waters were crystal clear.

- Look out and tell me ... What do you see?

Lolo obeyed. He approached the shore and saw his reflection. A brightly colored parrot, red as fire, alternating with the yellow of the sun, covering its feathers with the green of a lush jungle ending with its feathers of sapphire blue.

- And good...? What do you see? The peacock asked patiently wanting to know Lolo's answer.

Disappointed and sad as if all his effort had vanished like smoke, Lolo replied.

- I do not see anything, or anyone only myself.

Lolo turned around with his head down, and started walking aimlessly, still not knowing who he really was. Suddenly the peacock put its wing on Lolo's chest forcing him to stop. Lolo looked at him stunned.

- You said it. You see yourself Why this sadness? What greater joy can you have in life than knowing that you are unique. Know that there may be many parrots of the same species, but not a parrot as identical as you. You have never needed to be like other animals. Why do you want to be as strong as a lion if you are able to withstand big storms and fly under their rain? Why have a long neck like that of a giraffe if from the high skies you can observe its great and extensive plains? Life has given you wings not to tire of crossing its intense blue skies, to see its beautiful sunrise awaken to say good morning to the radiant sun. You shine for yourself, and never forget that you are worth a lot and never less than the rest.

Lolo never belittled himself again, he remembered every day the words of the wise peacock. He was right, a lion never tried to be like a zebra or a zebra like a lion. Each animal had its own nature and its own way of being.

Lolo became more him and much stronger with each passing day, he was more sure of himself. He was flying much stronger than before. He never bothered any other animals again. And that story and those words are told today to their young and their father sees a bird as great in spirit as the real golden eagle.

Fable written by Saray Carrero.

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