Children's hearing. Disorders and problems

Children's hearing. Disorders and problems

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Hearing is, after sight, the most necessary sense in everyday life, to inform us of what is happening around us and to communicate with others. For this reason, it is essential to detect possible hearing problems in babies.

A hearing disorder can range from simple otitis to deafness, for this reason it is important to discover the signs that indicate it, as well as its causes. Do not forget that deaf children can be integrated with a little help and effort from parents, teachers and doctors.

Babies' hearing, like the rest of the senses, evolves over the months. To check if this development is taking place properly, pay attention to the most common disorders

Otitis is the most common ear condition. Learn how to treat your symptoms to alleviate them and prevent complications from this common disease.

It is possible to detect signs that indicate a partial or total deafness of the baby. If you think your child is affected by hearing loss, it is advisable to know his symptoms and the most appropriate treatment.

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