The dangers of baby powder

The dangers of baby powder

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We have all used them at some point in our lives. We like them for their smell and their touch. They even recommended them for a long time for the skin of babies. However, everything has changed, and the virtues of the versatile talcum powder are now turned into dangers and suspicions.

The well-known firm Johnson & Johnson, number one in the world in hygiene products, has had to pay a millionaire sum as compensation to a family, in an alleged case of ovarian cancer due to the use of talcum powder in the genital area.

The North American firm Johnson & Johnson has had to pay 72 million dollars in compensation to a family for the death of a 62-year-old woman who used talcum powder throughout her life. The woman, Jackie fox, died of ovarian cancer.

The alarm has popped like a spring. Does this mean that baby powder is carcinogenic? If pediatricians recommended them many years ago!

Clearly, the talcum powder manufacturing industry strongly denies this charge. Their products, they defend, do not pose any risk to health. According to them, neither National Cancer Institute of the United States not even Food and Drug Agency of this country have been able to demonstrate that their products cause cancer. The accusation in this case, however, was based on the comparison of tobacco with lung cancer. "Whoever denies that there is a relationship and a risk is blind," they said.

Therefore, the ruling in favor of the plaintiff family gives much to think about in this regard. It has not been proven but ... as the saying goes: 'when the river sounds ... it carries water'.

But why can baby powder be so dangerous? What are they made of? Talcum powder is made from magnesium silicate, silicone, oxygen and hydrogen. They are used mainly to avoid chafing in the diaper area.

Some studies have shown that it increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 33%, while other studies prefer to be cautious because they have not yet found the direct relationship.

These are, according to the most critical, the hypothetical risks of baby powder:

- Increased possibility of suffering ovarian cancer in girls if used on the genitals.

- Respiratory problems by inhaling talcum powder.

- Chronic respiratory syndrome derived from the inhalation of talcum powder, known as Talcosis.

- Irritation of the eyes.

- Excessive use of talcum powder dries out the baby's skin.

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