Jokes for very young children

Jokes for very young children

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Jokes stimulate children, not only make them laugh, but also enhance their imagination and creativity. You don't have to wait for kids to get a little older to tell them jokes.

In we know a series of very easy jokes, perfect for the smallest of the house. They are short jokes that they can understand and tell themselves.

What does one worm say to another?

- I'm going to go around the block

Two children exchange experiences:

- Is your poop escaping?

- No. Mine stays where I make it.

One fish says to another: what is your dad doing?

And the other answers: Well, nothing, and yours?

- Nothing too.

- Mom, Mom, at school they call me clueless.

- Child, get out of here, this is not your home.

What did one flea say to the other?

- Are we going on foot or are we waiting for the dog?

There are two tomatoes in the refrigerator and he says to each other.

- Ufff, how cold it is!

And the other responds:

- Ahhh, a tomato that talks!

One child says to another:

- If you tell me how many sweets I have, I'll give you all three.

- Mom, Mom, at school they tell me that I scream a lot.

- How? I'm talking to the director right now.


The doctor asks his patient:

- Do you sleep on the left or right side?

- Of the two, I fall asleep whole.

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