How do you think your delivery will be

How do you think your delivery will be

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In the last trimester of pregnancy, future moms think many times about the moment of delivery. Our wish is that everything goes well, but above all that our baby is born healthy and nothing happens to him on the way to the outside when he crosses the birth canal. However, as the date approaches, the nerves, doubts, dreams and anxiety begin.

As if that were not enough, you will meet a lot of women who will tell you about theirs, their birth, their great feat, because childbirth is something that everyone likes to remember and tell in detail, with their anecdotes, their development and its final outcome. Some of your friends will highlight the positive, others how bad they had it and most will tell you, that despite the regrets, when you have your baby in your arms, you forget everything, the good, the bad and they do not hurt. nor the episotomy points.

And it is that giving birth to your baby is an achievement of nature that women make possible. What would the world be like if men had to give birth? That is the question we ask ourselves many times, when we have to go through the physical discomfort and emotional ups and downs that pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum entail. And it is that after childbirth comes the postpartum, a "mysterious" stage that everyone, even your friends, prefers not to comment too much.

I have always wondered why the role of the mother, the attention she receives and the feeling of protection that she awakens in others disappears, at least in part, after the wonderful stage of pregnancy that ends with childbirth and does not continue with the first baby months. Perhaps if all those pregnancy pampering continued to be so intense postpartum, there would be fewer cases of postpartum depression.

From that moment of delivery, from the birth of our precious baby, the whole of life begins to revolve around him and we are the first to contribute to this because our priority is his well-being. A well-being that needs attention and care 24 hours a day, a bond that feeds every minute of affection, affection, warmth and tenderness. Who can give us more in these circumstances? When after delivery it is our baby who looks at us, the rest of the world disappears around us and that moment makes up for everything, even the colic that can make us despair from the second month of life.

So if you are about to give birth and a bit uncomfortable with your increased belly volume, don't think too much about childbirth. The nerves and anxiety it generates are not good for you or your baby, on the contrary, a state of relaxation and confidence is more conducive to both when the time comes. And remember, enjoy these last days, let yourself be loved.

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