Children's books to stimulate children's reading

Children's books to stimulate children's reading

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A book is the best travel companion, which we can turn to for moments of rest and relaxation. A healthy habit that we must instill in children, although many mothers and fathers find it impossible that reading can replace video consoles or television.

However, it is important to have the sagacity of a lynx or the vision of an eagle when it comes to laying the foundation for good routines in children. Taking advantage of the opportunity to do it at the right time is essential for something like reading alone to begin to like a child.

So I remember that there came a time when my oldest son refused to take a nap. Until then, reading books, stories and fables were his favorite subjects, and we always read together sometimes with me and sometimes with his father.

Sometimes he was already reading the story and when he started to get rebellious about the nap theme, I invited him to read, so as not to have to sleep. During the half hour that we would rest for a while after eating, he would stay in the living room reading what he liked the most. Thus, from one summer to the next, by personal preference, he has gone from tales and fables, to funny stories of Geronimo Stilton and then to the narrations of Harry Potter.

But don't think that everything was that easy. Most days, especially in the beginning, he preferred to stay on the couch playing the console and he always asked me if he could spend a little while watching television today. When I said no, he would get angry and reluctantly pick up the book. When he began to see that the console was not working, that television was not an idea that I liked ... he began to take the book, because I stood firm.

There were days when I had to go to nap angry and the nap was no longer a nap. Accustomed to reading and enjoying reading in company, it was difficult for him to adapt to reading alone at first, as it is difficult to get used to everything new. But, afterwards, he has found the pleasure to imagine a world through words, where it is himself who has to build it, to let his imagination fly during a narrative. With screen games, this is not the case and we are cutting out a very valuable intellectual aspect that children must develop. Reading is an inexhaustible source of resources for children.

On the one hand, it helps them master the language, have a broader and richer vocabulary, avoid spelling mistakes, enhance certain skills such as concentration and attention, and help them let their imagination run wild. Put a book in their hands.

Pay attention to their tastes and choose the themes or characters that they like the most. Invite him to discuss his readings with his friends, as during these conversations recommendations come up for other books that his friends have been interested in and may appeal to him. You will not regret it.

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