The most popular names in Spain for girls

The most popular names in Spain for girls

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Sometimes it is not easy to choose the name of the baby. Parents are often guided by the trends of the moment, by passing fads or by popular characters. There are even those who choose to give their girls strange or exotic names.

In Spain it is surprising that at the top of the list of frequent names for girls we find traditional names, deeply rooted and very familiar. How could it be otherwise, in a large number of frequent names the classic María appears.

1. Maria Carmen. The first place in the list of frequent names for girls is occupied by a compound name formed by Maria, of Hebrew origin, and Carmen, of Latin origin. Both are two of the most popular names in the Hispanic world.

2. Maria. It is the quintessential girl's name. Of Hebrew origin, Maria has accompanied countless names for girls over the years. In this case, it is ranked number two without company, since it is such a forceful name that it can give personality to a girl on its own.

3. Carmen. It is a very popular name of Latin origin both alone and in multiple combinations. Its strength lies in its meaning, evocative of songs to life, but also in that long tradition that endorses it as one of the most frequent names.

4. Josefa. This name has a Hebrew origin and is as frequent for girls as its masculine, José, for boys. It is a name that wastes tradition with a flavor so familiar that it is difficult to resist its charm. Without a doubt, it is one of the names for girls with more personality.

5. Isabel. It is a name of Hebrew origin with a special musicality that highlights the beauty and delicacy of any girl. It has enormous strength due to the number of important characters that have carried this name throughout history.

6. Maria Dolores. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Latin origin of Dolores in one of the most representative combinations of Spain. The name gives off vitality and energy and finds that sophisticated and original touch in its diminutive, also very frequent, Lola.

7. Ana Maria. It is a compound name of Hebrew origin made up of two of the most popular names in the world. Both names have been around the world thanks to biblical tradition and are a sure hit for your girl.

8. Maria Pilar. The name of Hebrew origin María joins the one of Latin origin Pilar, resulting in a compound name for a girl full of personality and roots. Its traditional and familiar flavor does not prevent this name from continuing to be original and distinguished.

9. Maria Teresa. The combination of a Hebrew origin with a Latin origin is one of the most frequent names for girls in Spain. In this case, the omnipresent Maria does nothing but highlight Teresa's beauty and musicality in a name that may be perfect for your little girl.

10. Ana. This name of Hebrew origin that we find in countless combinations, stands out for its simplicity. Which goes to show that it doesn't take a lot of bragging to find balance and personality in a simple, traditional name.

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