Tricks to encourage children to learn mathematics

Tricks to encourage children to learn mathematics

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It is possible that mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects for children today. In order to perform mathematical calculations, children need to concentrate and pay attention to what they are doing, something that sometimes is not entirely easy for children (and not so young).

But it is necessary for them to learn from an early age that mathematics is also necessary and fun, so it is ideal for them to feel that it is not a school imposition but something that will serve them every day of their life. But how to encourage children to learn mathematics?

1. Start small. For children to like mathematics it is necessary to do it from a very young age. From home, they should start to motivate themselves by counting up to ten common things (climbing stairs, the almonds that you give them to eat, the pieces of fruit on the plate, etc.), look for patterns or recognize shapes. The ideal is to do it every day.

2. Use math in real life. Check and compare prices in the supermarket, recognize numbers in daily life in any context, read recipes, calculate prices, measure food for dinner, measure sizes to find out what is bigger and what is smaller etc.

3. Don't talk negatively about math. Don't talk bad about math, even if you have a bad experience. Many people jokingly say in front of children that mathematics is too difficult, and children listen to this and internalize it. When a parent has a duty to tell their children that math is important.

4. Motivate them to learn. Motivation is the engine of learning, so children must be motivated to learn mathematics. If a child does not feel motivated towards these concepts, he must first be motivated, because otherwise he will not want to learn anything.

5. Through games. Games are very important for children, with games children learn without realizing it and also having fun. Today, with so many numbers and problems to memorize, children learn that mathematics is something that requires a lot of work ... but this does not mean that it is not fun. There are many classic and modern games for children to learn and have fun.

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