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14 Biblical Names for Boys Inspired by the Old Testament

14 Biblical Names for Boys Inspired by the Old Testament

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One of the infallible guides to finding a huge number of names is the Bible. And it is that this sacred book, in addition to offering us the teachings of God, is a wide universe to find classic names loaded with tradition that, in some cases, are very original. Do not miss this compilation that we have made in with some of the Biblical names for boys and girls we like the most from the Old Testament.

As simple and unique as these names may seem, the reason behind them is very powerful in the Old Testament book of the Bible and that is, each name describes the person who wears it. This particularity is due to cultural characteristics or circumstances of the family lineage (such as describing the place of origin, if the day of birth is a celebration or the corresponding child number).

But it also has mystical qualities, since some describe the purpose for which God has chosen them to be part of history with their contributions, as is the case of Miguel, which comes from the Hebrew Mika'El and means' Who like God?'.

Due to their original origin (Hebrew and Aramaic), it is very common for us to find biblical names in places in the Mediterranean or the regions of Arabia, however, thanks to the influence of the Christian religion and its expansion throughout the world, Biblical names became the most classic and common choices in Western culture, especially in the Latin American countries where Christianity has settled the most.

Although we can also find these biblical names in English-speaking countries, of course, with their version of them, such as John for John.

One of the main reasons why a baby is given a biblical name is because of the celebration of the saint on the day he was born (known as holy names), which was very iconic in the last century and even today many people follow maintaining this tradition.

And if you want to include yourself in this, then I leave you the best Old Testament names that will serve as inspiration for your baby's name.

1. Aaron
Aaron was in the Bible the biological older brother of Moses in the Old Testament. This name has two origins, from the Egyptian 'Aha Rw' whose meaning is 'The enlightened one' and from the Hebrew 'Ahărōn' which means 'Father of martyrs'.

2. Adam
One of the most classic names in the Bible for being the first created man, its meaning is translated as 'He who is man' referring to the created person and its origin is Hebrew.

3. Caleb
Of Hebrew origin, it means 'One who is intrepid' and was a reference for men who loved adventure and were risky. It is said that he was one of the twelve messengers of Moses to explore Canaan and the only one to enter the Promised Land.

4. Noah
Also known for its variant in Spanish as 'Noé' and for being one of the iconic characters in the Bible. The origin of this name is Hebrew and its meaning is 'He who is at peace'.

5. Jacobo
This name, also known as 'Jacob' in the Old Testament was one of his patriarchs. Its origin comes from the Hebrew 'Ya'akov' and means 'He whom God has sustained'.

6. Zechariah
Its meaning is 'He who belongs to the memory of God' in its Hebrew origin. Zacharias is known for being one of the prophets of Jesus and for having his own book in the Old Testament.

Here is a review of some girls' names that are inspired by characters from the Old Testament.

7. Arlet
A very beautiful and little heard name, but it has a great meaning, since it is the symbolic name of the city of Jerusalem. It is of Hebrew origin and means 'The Altar of God'.

8. Esther
It is a feminine proper name of Hebrew origin and means 'The one who shines like a star'. She was a Queen of Persia and a prophetess of Tanach in the Old Testament.

9. Eva
One of the best known and traditional names belonging to the Old Testament, wife and companion of Adam and creator of life. Her name in Hebrew has this same meaning in fact, 'She who gives life'.

10. Genesis
As its name implies, it is part of the first chapter of the Old Testament that gives rise to everything. In fact this means 'The birth of everything' in its Hebrew root.

11. Sarahí
Or also Sarai, she is one of the most classic characters of the first chapters of the Bible, since she was the wife of the prophet Abraham. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'She who is a princess'.

12. Rachel
Rachel is mentioned in the Old Testament as Jacob's wife. Therefore, she is one of the oldest female characters in the Bible. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'The Lord's sheep'.

13. Nativity scene
Of Hebrew origin 'Bet Léchem', derived from Bethany, means 'City of bread' or 'The house of bread' as a reference to the city of Bethlehem where bread was to be found for the Easter festival and where Jesus was also born .

14. Salome
It is the feminine variant of Solomon, derived from the original Hebrew 'Shalomeh' which means 'She who is close to perfection'. She is known in the Old Testament for being the mother of the apostles James and John.

What is your favorite biblical name?

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