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17 cute biblical baby names drawn from the New Testament

17 cute biblical baby names drawn from the New Testament

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We all know that the Bible is not only a book full of the word of God for the world, but an excellent reference to find a variety of classic, but very original names, which despite their age are still valid today and they will probably last in time. Here is a small selection of biblical baby namesfor both boys and girls, which are taken from the New Testament of the Bible.

What is the difference between Old Testament names and New Testament names? Although there is no really perceptible distinction between the characters in both parts of the Bible, there are some more striking names that even seem to come from this century. This only refers to the ethereal power of names and their use in history, as well as their changes and adaptations.

He sacred impact on meanings The description of their family history or an association with nature and their environment is also maintained in reference to emulating a mystical quality. So, you can keep the divinity in the name you choose for your baby, only now with a slightly more original or modern option.

As you may already know, most of the names of the characters that appear in the Bible come from the Hebrew, Aramaic culture and a few of Egyptian or Greek influence. So why are they so popular in Ibero-American countries? The answer is very simple, due to the expansion of the Christian and Catholic religion in the world, which in addition to bringing the teachings of its characters but also the inspiration of their names.

A very interesting and even funny observation is that, if you feel inspired by a biblical name, but at the same time you think it is a bit cliché or too common, you can find its equivalent in another language, as is the case of Juan by Ian (variant of this name in Celtic) and still have the same meaning that the name represents. What makes Biblically inspired names in a very versatile option.

Are you looking for a name for your baby that you already know is going to be a boy? Perhaps the ones on this list will inspire you.

1. Andrés
Known in the New Testament as Saint Andrew the Apostle, it has two origins, a Hebrew 'Andras' and a Greek 'Andréas', both with the same meaning: 'Strong and virile man', as a tribute to masculinity.

2. Gabriel
Coming from the Hebrew 'Geber-El', whose meaning is 'The strength of God' appears in the New Testament as the angel who announces the pregnancy of Jesus to Mary, as well as the birth of John to Elizabeth.

3. Ian
It's the Scottish variant of Juan, which is a great way to put an original spin on a classic name. The origin of John is Hebrew and means' He who is faithful to God 'and we can find him in the Bible as John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin.

4. Joshua or Yeshua
This name is known from its Hebrew origin, it means 'El Salvador' and we know it by its Spanish variant 'Josué' or 'Jesús'. A curious fact is that there are many male characters in the Bible with this name.

5. Mark
It has a Latin origin 'Marcus' and also refers to the adjective 'Marticus' which means 'He who is consecrated to Mars' and we can find him as another of the Apostles of Jesus in the New Testament, later known as Saint Mark.

6. Matthew
It is the English variant of 'Mateo', also known for its Hebrew origin as 'Mattiyahu' whose meaning is 'The gift of God'.

7. Santiago
The origin of the name Santiago is Hebrew 'Ya'akov' and it is a masculine proper name whose meaning is 'God will reward' and is more recognized as the Apostle Santiago the Greater. A curious fact about this name is that it has several variants in Spanish such as Jacobo, Diego and Thiago.

8. Simon
In the New Testament we have Peter (The first Pope), whose real name is Simon. It comes from Hebrew and its meaning is 'God has heard me' or 'He who listens to God'. It is a name with a long tradition that can look good on any newborn child.

9. Thomas
Variant in English of Thomas, is another of the Apostles of Jesus in the New Testament, although his original name is Judas Thomas Didymus. Its origin is Aramaic 'Thoma' which means 'Twin'.

Here are some names for boys that are also inspired by the New Testament.

10. Ariel
It means 'The Lion of God' in Hebrew and derives from the city of Ariel, but it has also been denoted to symbolize the temple of Jerusalem. A curious fact is that this name is actually unisex.

11. Bethany
It is the English variant of Bethany, whose origin is from the Hebrew 'Beth anya'. It means 'The House of Fruits' and it is also a village east of Jerusalem.

12. Candace
This beautiful name refers in the New Testament to the noble title of the Queens of Ethiopia, since its meaning is 'The Queen Mother'. The term comes from the Greek 'Kandake'. Very original!

13. Johanna
Coming from the original Germanic and is a variant of the name 'Juana' and therefore, the feminine version of 'Jhoan' or Juan. Its meaning is 'That one full of graces'. However, there are experts who assure that it is also a name of Hebrew origin 'Yôḥānnān' which means 'She who is faithful to God'.

14. Junia
It is the feminine variant of the masculine Latin name 'Junius'. It is curious that this name appears only once in the New Testament, as a highly respected Christian prophet, although there are still debates as to whether it was really a man or a woman.

15. Magdalena
One of the best known names in the New Testament thanks to Mary Magdalene, who was a woman close to Jesus. It comes from the Hebrew 'Migda-El' and is a representation of the city of Magdala.

16. Persis
This very original name appears in the epistle of Saint Paul in the New Testament. It was about a Christian woman from Persia and in fact, its meaning is translated in that way in its Greek etymological origin.

17. Veronica
Its origin comes from the Latin 'vera icon' which means 'True image'. According to Christian tradition, Veronica was the woman who cleaned the face of Jesus during his Way of the Cross and her image was imprinted on the cloth.

Do you already have your favorite Biblical New Testament name?

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