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St. Emma's Day, January 2. Names for girls

St. Emma's Day, January 2. Names for girls

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Emma is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means 'the one who is strong'. The name of your daughter is used all over the world with hardly any variations and it is one of the names that parents and girls like the most for the warmth and tenderness that its pronunciation gives off.Emma finds a variant in Erminia, although it is used much less today. He celebrates his name day on January 2, which is the day of Saint Emma.

The name Emma denotes great strength of character that is implicit in its own meaning. He is a self-confident person who knows how to impose his criteria in his circle because his friends feel safe by his side. Emma also has a huge willpower with which he achieves success in any company, but all this does not detract from an iota of sweetness and delicacy.

Emma is a very frequent name all over the world. Used since ancient times in Anglo-Saxon countries, Emma was already Queen of England around the year 1000, although the parents who put Emma the most to their daughters are the French.

In Spain, for its part, it was not a well-known name until the middle of the 20th century, but today it is one of the preferred names both here and in Latin America. Emma can also be used as a diminutive for Emmanuelle, but its origin is different.

There are many famous women that have and bear the name of your daughter. Actresses from here like Emma Suárez and Emma Ozores and also from outside our borders like Emma Watson or Emma Thompson. But Emma is also the title of a Jane Austen novel on which several films have been based. Special mention should be made of the play 'Emma' based on the life of the Lithuanian anarchist Emma Goldman.

But if there is an Emma that has remained in everyone's memory, it is the protagonist of Flaubert's novel, Madame Bovary, an essential in the history of literature. An Emma Bovary, who despite her frivolous and materialistic behavior wins the sympathy of the reader for all the delicacy and fragility that she exudes in this novel that marked the beginning of the modern novel.

The german names They attract the attention of many parents because, in many cases, they are usually related to power, struggle, success or fame. Also, some of them are linked to religion. If these are the reasons that have led you to choose a German name for your little one, here are some more in case at the last minute you decide to change or, why not, opt for a compound name and join it to your original idea !

  • Amelia. It is said that the girls and women who bear this name will never lack work, because they are people with a lot of energy and very active. Everything a boss could want! They celebrate their saint very close to Emma's, on January 5.
  • Carla. One of the names that are currently more fashionable. It is the feminine form of Carlos, which in turn comes from Karl and means 'the strong woman', something that every father and mother wishes for their little girl, right? On November 4 he celebrates his birthday.
  • Gisela. 'She who is strong by the arrow' is the meaning of this feminine Germanic name that comes from the word Gisil-hard. It is very common in Spanish-speaking countries and its male version, Gissel, is beginning to emerge. The saints date May 21 as his big day.
  • Greta. The popularity that this name is acquiring in recent months is undoubtedly owed to the young activist Greta Thunberg. He relates to understanding women, supportive and lovers of nature. Perhaps the latter is due to the fact that Greta means 'margarita' or 'pearl'. November 16 is his saint.
  • Irma. Do you want to know a somewhat strange curiosity about this name? It has no saint, because there is no saint with this name! 'Who is consecrated to God' or 'She with great strength' are the two meanings that derive from this name of Germanic origin.

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Being a very popular name, in many houses January 2 is eagerly awaited to celebrate the saint of Emma (it can also be celebrated on April 19 and May 25). But on the second day of the year, there are other names that also celebrate their birthday. We will tell you!

  • Saint Basil the Great
  • Saint Gregory Nazianceno
  • Saint Adalard
  • San Airaldo
  • Saint Argeo martyr
  • Saint Bladulf
  • San Juan Bueno
  • San Mainquino
  • Saint Marcellin the martyr
  • Saint Narcissus martyr
  • San Silvestre
  • Saint Vincentian
  • Saint Theodore Bishop of Marseille
  • Saint Telesphorus pope

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'How will my baby grow?', 'Will he interact well with his peers?', 'Will he do well in school?' These are some of the questions that many mothers ask themselves daily about their little ones. And, although we don't have a crystal ball to answer all your questions, we can help you get to know your baby a little more and get closer to him or her.

Have you heard of numerology? All the letters of the names store a number (E-5, M-4, M-4 and A-1). If you add all of them until you only have one left (14 = 4 + 1 = 5), you get a digit, 5, that will govern your little girl's life and that will give you clues about how her personality will be, with its good things and not so good.

Positive traits
They are very sociable and fun, but they do not seek to be leaders at all. And it is that they are very independent and they like to have their plot of freedom. You will notice it from my early days because it will start walking very soon to be able to explore the world. They are also very awake babies and can impress you with how quickly they learn everything.

Negative traits
And, as in everything there is a but, we have to say that people who hide a five in their name are too active, which can make them not find anyone who follows the rhythm and, sometimes, that leads them to despise to others and to treat them with some inferiority. You will have to help them control that arrogance and that unjustified superiority!

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