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Saint Angela's Day, January 4. Names for girls

Saint Angela's Day, January 4. Names for girls

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Angela is a name for girl of Greek origin that means 'the messenger', in the sense of being the one who announces something good. What better name for your girl who will undoubtedly be in charge of announcing the arrival of happiness to your family. It is a feminine name that refers to those celestial beings that are angels, so it is surrounded by calm and calm. He celebrates his name day on January 4, which is the day of Saint Angela.

ANDOn January 4, the day of Saint Angela is celebrated in honor of Saint Angela de Foligno, a nun of the Third Order of Saint Francis and one of the most important mystics of the Middle Ages. We know more about his life thanks to the autobiography he wrote entitled 'Memorial'.

From Santa Angela we know that she was born into a noble family in central Italy and that she became a woman dedicated to her family. Over the years she became a great devotee of Saint Francis of Assisi, so much so that she left her former life of riches to be an example of chastity and penance. After losing a large part of his family, Saint Angela dedicated herself to charity works and went out of his way to care for lepers. Among the stories about his life, several episodes are striking, such as the one in which the Holy Spirit accompanied him on his way to visit the tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Some saints celebrate the day of this saint on January 3, since there is some confusion about whether the date of her death occurred on this day in 1309 or the next day. She was finally beatified by Pope Innocent XII in 1693.

Angela can be an ideal name for your girl, as well as all its variants and diminutives. The name can vary in Angeles, Angelica or Angelina, in addition to its most frequent diminutive, Angie. Angela is a frequent name in Spain that some time ago managed to unseat the previous Angeles, perhaps due to Anglo-Saxon influence where the name is very frequent.

Many famous personalities are named after your daughter, such as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the writer Angela Vallvey or the actress Angelica Houston. Although if we talk about American actresses, the first that comes to mind is the glamorous Angelina Jolie, a faithful representative of the strong and emotional character that the name Angela implies.

Without leaving the cinematographic realm, we find an emblematic city that bears the name of your daughter, Los Angeles, in California and that is an indispensable destination for movie lovers. But if there is something that can identify your girl forever, it is the memorable song 'Angie' by The Rolling Stones group, a ballad from 1972 capable of moving anyone who listens to it.

Numerology attributes a number to each letter according to its position in the alphabet. If we add up all the figures in a name, we can learn more about the way of being and way of facing the life of the person who carries it. What number corresponds to Angela? The first thing to take into account is the following distribution A (1), N (5), G (7), E (5), L (3), A (1) and 1 + 5 + 7 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 22. By adding 2 + 2 we get that Angela's number is 4.

If we stick to what numerology says about all those little ones that are related to the number 4, we will know that Angela is creative and very careful in what she likes. Loves to try new things, especially when it comes to toys that allow him to develop his skills.

On the other hand, it is indisputable that the name Angela possesses great strength that is shown in a girl who is confident, responsible and knows how to take things seriously, which makes her a true leader or guide for all her friends. But her strong character does not prevent Angela from wasting sensitivity and emotion in her social relationships and she has a tendency to protect herself and take care of her entire family. Do you agree?

The popularity of compound names seems to be continuing and even increasing in some countries. If you are clear that one of the names for your daughter is going to be Angela, but you don't know what other names to combine it with, take a look at the following list.

- Angela Maria
This is the combination that you are going to hear the most because they are two names that sound great next to each other. If you prefer to put the name of María as the first name, we recommend that you lean towards María de los Ángeles.

- Zoe Angela
Zoe and Angela are two names that combine perfectly as they are balanced (a short name next to a longer one). Zoe, in addition, is a name of Greek origin that means 'life'.

- Sweet Angela
All those parents who are looking for a very cute and beautiful name to match Angela will love this compound name: Sweet Angela. Dulce used to be a very frequent name in the Middle Ages and today it is maintained in countries such as Mexico or Argentina.

- Angela Sofia
Finally, we suggest you Angela Sofía as a compound name. Did you know that this second nickname is of Greek origin and that it means 'wisdom'?

Names that begin with A have something magical and melodious, don't you think? If you are thinking of putting Angela to your little one who is about to be born, you may also like these names for girls that we propose below. They all have something in common: they always appear at the top of the alphabetically ordered lists of names.

- Alicia
Although Alicia is one of those names that has been used for many years in different countries of the world, it still sounds original and beautiful. Also, it is impossible not to remember Lewis Carroll's Alice. Beyond this you have to know that it is a name of Greek origin that means 'true'.

- Ana
A simple name with few letters that, nevertheless, transmits great strength and love. Ana is a Hebrew name that means 'pious' or 'compassionate'. Did you know that Jesus' grandmother's name was Ana? That is why the day of his saints, July 26, is also celebrated on grandparents' day.

- Aitana
This is a beautiful and very elegant name whose origin is Basque, how original! Its meaning is even more beautiful, since it comes from the word used to refer to glory.

- Adriana
As with its male version, Adrián, this name has increased in popularity in recent decades. Did you know that its origin is Latin and that it refers to the Adrias River (in Italy)?

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