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Day of Saint Antonio Abad, January 17. Names for boy

Day of Saint Antonio Abad, January 17. Names for boy

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Antonio It is a name for a boy of Etruscan origin, so its meaning is not clear. There seems to be a general agreement to give it a sense of 'he who faces his adversaries', but the proposed etymologies are very varied. In any case, it is a name that has been passed down to us through the Latin tradition. Although there are many saints with the name Antonio, but January 17 onomastics is celebrated of San Antonio Abad.

If your son Antonio was born on January 17, his name refers to Saint Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of animals and forerunner of monastic life. This saint was also known as 'the hermit' due to his experience in Egypt, where he lived in solitude and founded the first monasteries. In the iconography, Saint Anthony the Abbot is always depicted surrounded by domestic animals, often a pig, for whom he had a real passion.

The life of Saint Anthony the Abbot was marked by two factors: his inner struggle against temptations and the healing and protection of animals. And it is precisely his activity with animals that has led to a multitude of rural festivities around the world. Surely you know a place where San Antón is celebrated in style.

It is typical that every January 17, the owners of dogs, cats, parakeets, hamsters and other pets go together to a church so that the priest bless you in honor of San Antón. It is a party that children from all over the world enjoy together with their best friends, the animals. In his honor, some delicious rolls are prepared, known as Pan Bendito or Pan de San Antonio, which have a cross drawn on top.

In addition to being patron of animals, San Antonio Abad or San Antón is patronized by amputees, butchers, monks and those affected by various skin diseases.

You should know that there are other many saints called San Antonio. Some of them are as revered as Saint Anthony of Padua, whose name day is celebrated on June 13. However, you may also have heard of Saint Anthony Cauleas, also known as Antonio II of Constantinople; San Antonio de María Zaccaria, whose festival is July 5; or Saint Anthony Daniel, a Canadian martyr who is prayed for on October 19.

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The name Antonio has many well-known variants in all languages. In English Anthony and in French Antoine, this name has a great variety of diminutives such as Tony, Toño or Toñin. In Catalan Antoni and in Basque Andoni, it is the ideal name for any child, since Antonio prints a great strength of character and self-confidence.

The name Antonio is considered a very frequent name and it is not difficult for us to find personalities from all walks of life that bear the name of your son. Actors like Anthony Hopkins or Antonio Banderas from Malaga, artists like Antoni Tapies or Antonio Gaudí, writers like Antonio Gala or Antonio Buero Vallejo, without forgetting the great poet Antonio Machado.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that Antonio appears in the name of many localities Argentines, such as San Antonio de La Paz, or in many other regions of the world such as San Antonio in Florida (United States) or San Antonio Cámara in Yucatán (Mexico).

Now that you know some of the curiosities of the name Antonio, you are surely curious to know what the numerology of this name says. This identifies each of the letters of the alphabet with a number, according to the position of the alphabet in which it is placed. In this way, we have the following distribution: A (1), N (5), T (2), O (6), N (5), I (9), O (1). Adding all the figures gives us 34 which, if in turn, we add we finally obtain the number 7, the number of Antonio.

And what does the numerology number 7 say? The children who are related to this number are highlighted by their great charisma, which makes everyone consider them as adorable babies. This makes them attract attention (in a positive way) wherever they go. On the other hand, numerology ensures that Antonio is an intelligent child although, being a bit lazy, he does not always show it.

Have you ever considered a compound name for your child? If you are clear that you want your little one to be called Antonio but you don't know with what other name could I combine, take a look at the following proposals. To make it easier for you to decide, we will tell you the meaning and origin of each of these combinations.

- Jose Antonio
Many parents are inclined towards this name composed with José, one of the most used when it comes to proposing combinations of names. This, which is a biblical name that refers to the father of Jesus, comes from the Hebrew and means 'to add'.

- Juan Antonio
One of the most popular names to combine with Antonio is Juan, giving rise to the pretty compound name Juan Antonio. Did you know that Juan is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'God is favorable'?

- Antonio Miguel
Miguel's name comes from Hebrew and means 'nobody like God'. It is a perfect name to put it next to Antonio, since it manages to balance the combination by being long names in both cases.

- Antonio Javier
Javier is a very popular name among children from different parts of the world and it sounds just as nice when we combine it with others like Antonio. Javier is a name of Basque origin that means 'new house'.

- Marco Antonio
This is a name from history, since Marco Antonio was an important military man and politician of Roman times. Marco is the Italian version of Marcos, a Latin name that means 'hammer' and refers to the God Mars of war. Furthermore, Mark was one of the Evangelists.

Do you like the name Antonio for your son? Do not hesitate to wear it to your child in honor of San Antonio Abad! And remember, January 17 is their special day.

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