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Saint Thomas Aquinas Day, January 28. Names for boy

Saint Thomas Aquinas Day, January 28. Names for boy

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Thomas is a name for a boy of Aramaic origin that means 'the twin'. It is a name that remains fully topical despite its long tradition and its multiple variants are each more interesting. It is the ideal name for your child, especially if he was born January 28, since that day the name day of Saint Thomas of Aquino.

The day January 28 It is a very special day for all the families in which there is a child named Tomás. And is that this is the day of the saints marked for Saint Thomas of Aquino. Born in Italy into a noble family, from a very young age he received classes in grammar, morals, religion, etc. Later he would go to the University of Paris, where he read great philosophers like Aristotle.

All these studies would lead him to beone of the most great theologians and philosophers of the church. His work 'Summa theológica' was highly appreciated since the 13th century for exposing the most complicated theological mysteries in accessible and simple language. So relevant was he to the history of philosophy that today students in schools around the world continue to study his work. And, as you may already know, Saint Thomas Aquinas is considered the patron saint of students.

Saint Thomas Aquinas is not the only saint associated with this name who is celebrated with veneration. We cannot forget others such as the Apostle Saint Thomas, whose celebration is celebrated on July 3.

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Tomás is a name that does not sound strange but it is not very common either. Therefore, it can be a nice option for all those parents who are looking for original names but with tradition or history.

The variety of forms that your child's name presents in all languages, makes Tomás one of the most attractive names for any child. In English and French Thomas, with the diminutives Tom and Tommy and the Italian Tommaso are the best known. And we cannot forget one of the female variants of the name Tomás, which we find charming, Tammy. However, it is also possible that you know a Tomasa or Tasmina.

We know many personalities named after your son. Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks are two of the most representative actors in American cinema, and in the lyrics we find the German Thomas Mann and the American Tom Clancy. Without forgetting one of the great inventors of all time, Thomas alva edison, famous for patenting the light bulb.

The charismatic personality The name Tomás is based on two characteristics: its dynamism and its reflection. With a moving character, Tomás knows how to find the necessary resources to solve any situation, an aspect that usually makes him a true leader. In addition, his tendency to kindness makes Tomás a charming child who receives the affection of others.

And what does the numerology of this name say? To find out, we have to know what number corresponds to this name. To do this, we must know what value each of its letters has, according to its position in the alphabet, and then add them. In the case of Thomas, we have the following: T (2), O (6), M (4), A (1), S (1). When we add it, we arrive at the number 14 which, when we add it again, gives us the number 5.

According to numerology, children number 5 are full of energy, which is why they are usually very restless and playful. It is difficult to keep them still for a long time! They also stand out in them are autonomous character and their mental speed.They are very smart! In addition, it is not difficult for them to make friends because they are very charismatic and friendly.

Place two names to a babyInstead of a simple name, it is a custom that is still maintained in many countries. In fact, if we were to ask everyone we know, it is likely that we would find a high percentage of people who have a compound name.

If you are also looking for a name for a boy that matches Tomás, here are some ideas. We accompany each of the compound names with its meaning and origin. And we already anticipate you, that all of them they are very original and beautiful combinations.

- Thomas Luis
The first compound name that we propose is a perfectly balanced one that sounds very elegant: Tomás Luis. Being two short names, it is a very powerful nickname. Luis is a name of German origin that means 'person enlightened for battle'.

- Santiago Tomás
In order to find a combination of names that transmits tradition, we must stop at the name of Santiago Tomás. Obviously it is a name with a lot of punch. Did you know that Santiago means 'the one who changes'?

- Thomas Ignacio
Ignacio (Nacho for friends), comes from the Latin 'ignatius' and means 'the bearer of fire'. If you like how it sounds next to Tomás, feel free to use it as a name for your son.

- Juan Tomás
And finally, we propose a classic that is guaranteed to be successful: a name composed with Juan. John comes from Hebrew and means 'the one who is faithful to God'.

If you are thinking of calling your son Thomas, you may like boy names that begin with T. To help you come up with the perfect nickname for your son, here are some ideas, all accompanied by their meaning and its origin.

  • Thaddeus. On August 6 or October 28 the saint of Thaddeus is celebrated. This is a nice Aramaic name that is related to Saint Jude Thaddeus.
  • Tristan. This name conveys great elegance and history. It is a Celtic name that means 'noise'.
  • Tobias. This is a Hebrew name that means 'God is good'. If you want to use the diminutive of this name, you can call your baby Toby.
  • Tirso. This is a name that, although it sounds old, is becoming fashionable. Could it be because it is very elegant? Its origin is Latin and refers to the rod of the god Bacchus.

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