When Children's Emotional Hurts Cause Physical Pain

When Children's Emotional Hurts Cause Physical Pain

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'Our body responds to the way we think, feel and act'. At present, it is still the object of study to know how the world of emotions affects our body. There is much to be investigated, although what many professionals do agree on is that the world of emotions directly affects our physical body, us as parents but also in the case of our children. And is that certain emotional wounds, may end up becoming or causing physical pain in children.

What can we parents do? First of all be aware of it. And it is that we do not always come to realize how our emotions affect our physical well-being. Thanks to the consumerism and automatism in which we live every day, we lead a life that does not allow us to stop even think about why we feel that bad in the body. However, what we should ask ourselves is: What does my body want to tell me through that discomfort or ailment?

Medications mask our emotions. Thus, there comes a day when my head hurts and instead of stopping and thinking what inner conflict I am experiencing that I feel this bad, I run to the home medicine cabinet to take a paracetamol to relieve me and continue with my stressful life , what is causing me that blood pressure.

Or instead of stopping to think why I have an upset stomach or even an ulcer, surely because I have not digested well some personal or professional issue or because of life with anxiety that I carry that makes me get nervous in that place, because I complain about the ailment, I wait for it to pass or I take adequate medication to avoid the pain.

So day after day or symptom after symptom or disorder. Neck pain, back pain, cervical pain, tension in the jaw ...

If I, as a father or mother, do not learn to manage these types of ailments through my emotions, how is it possible that my children learn to do so? What will be the consequences of this lack of learning?

And here we have arrived at the key to this question ... There are many children who express behaviors such as stomach ailments, headaches, unexpected tantrums or calls for attention, which are far from being consequence of mere bodily pain, is closer to emotional pain.

If as parents, we have not learned to manage these emotional ills, we will end up saying to the child:

  • That's nothing.
  • I give you a massage and it goes away.
  • Go to sleep and tomorrow you will be better.
  • Don't complain about nonsense.
  • Take a little syrup and it goes away ...

The health of our body undoubtedly passes through good emotional management, since emotions are psychophysiological responses. And that entails learning and proper expression of emotions, to prevent our children from growing up like this:

- Thinking that they are weak if they express their emotions.

- Do not learn to be themselves, manifesting as they are.

- Don't know how to listen to your body.

- Don't pay attention to yourself.

- Learn to live in self-deception or lack of self-knowledge.

- Develop low self-esteem.

- Don't feel worthy of attention.

And as a bounce from this emotional and bodily illiteracyLearn to live with mismanaged emotions such as frustration, constant anger, anger, or lack of love.

"It is much more important to know what type of patient has the disease than to know what type of disease the patient has." William Osler, one of the fathers of today's medicine.

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