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24 powerful names for boys and girls that mean strength and power

24 powerful names for boys and girls that mean strength and power

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Choosing the name for the baby you are expecting is not easy. The whole family has to like it, combine with the surname and also have its own meaning. If you are going to have a baby and you would like it to have a name full of personality, then you just have to take a look at the list that we have prepared on our website. names for boys and girls that mean strength and power. Read them all out loud accompanied by the surname that your little one is going to arrive, the one that most fills your heart with joy will be the chosen one. Let's go there!

The name that your little one is going to carry will accompany him throughout his life, what's more, it will influence his personality and his way of being. How about choosing a nickname whose meaning is strength and power? We present the most beautiful ones below. More than one will become your favorite!

1. Darek
It is a masculine name of Germanic origin whose main meaning is 'the power of the whole tribe'. Do you like how it is next to the last name that your little one is going to carry?

2. Enrique
This nickname for children must have been heard hundreds of times. It is of Germanic origin and comes to say something like 'the one who gives power and transmits strength to the home'. Did you know that July 13 is the day of Santo Enrique?

3. Osiel
It is a nickname for children, whose origin is biblical. It means 'the power that emanates from God'.

4. Samuel
This beautiful masculine name has its origin in ancient Hebrew and comes to say 'strength and joy of the Lord'

5. Adam
Adam is a nickname of Greek origin whose best known meaning is 'strength and great power', it is also said to mean 'red earth'.

6. Azarias
It is another nickname for children of Hebrew origin whose meaning is also 'the strength of the Lord'.

7. Gabriel
Male name of Hebrew origin that means 'God gives me strength and power'. Among the most common dates to celebrate his saint are February 27 and September 29.

8. Kerr
This Scottish name translates to 'man of strength and power'. Without a doubt, a nickname full of personality, ideal for your baby.

9. Oliphant
Scottish names are in fashion. And if not, look at this original nickname. Its translation would be something like 'great power and strength'.

10. Uzziel
Male name of Hebrew origin whose main meaning is 'strength and power'.

11. Noah
Did you know that Noah, in addition to meaning 'enigmatic', also means 'powerful and full of force'? It is a name of biblical Hebrew origin that is very common in many regions of the world.

12. Abel
Of Arab origin, this nickname for children means 'courage, power and strength'. It is sure to become the favorite of more than one family!

Now it is the turn of the names of girls whose main meaning is strength and / or power. If the baby you are expecting is going to be a girl, the names that you are going to read here will surely enchant you. Not only because of their great meaning but also because they are beautiful, original names full of good energy. Let's see them!

13. Ulla
It is a name for girls of Norwegian origin that translates to 'strength, determination, power'.

14. Keila
This feminine nickname also has a powerful meaning: 'strength, pure energy'.

15. Matilde
Matilde is a feminine name that finds its roots in ancient Germany and that comes to say something like 'mighty and strong warrior'.

16. Anastasia
This name for girls comes from the Greek and means 'the one who has the power to heal'.

17. Mafalda
It is a nickname of doubtful origin that comes to say 'the woman who is strong and powerful in the face of adversity'.

18. Valeria
This beautiful name for girls is of Latin origin and literally translates to 'power and strength'. Valeria is widely used in various regions of South America and Spain.

19. Irma
It is a nickname for girls that is heard more and more today. It is of German origin and its meaning means 'she who has power and strength'.

20 Carlota
The female nickname Carlota is of German origin and translates to 'powerful woman full of strength'. If you like how it looks next to your daughter's last names, this could be your choice.

21. Stephanie
The feminine name Estefanía comes from the Greek term stephanus, which means 'glorious, powerful, victorious'.

22. Astrid
It is a Scandinavian feminine name that comes to say something like 'she who is endowed with beauty and great strength'.

23. Megan
This female nickname is of English origin and translates to 'woman who is strong, powerful and capable'.

24. Diva
We finish our list of girl names that mean power and strength with a most original nickname. Diva is an Italian feminine name that translates to 'powerful woman full of strength'.

Did you like them? Would you put one on the baby you are expecting? Share it with us!

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