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Children's songs that talk about dad

Children's songs that talk about dad

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The father figure is very important in the maturation and development of the child. Therefore, what better way to thank you for your dedication and love than with one of these nursery rhymes that talk about dads. The lyrics full of sweetness and affection are a tribute to all the parents of the world.

In We want parents to feel protagonists and loved by their children, on Father's Day and any other day of the year. That is why we encourage you to sing these six songs with them and have a good time as a family to strengthen the father and son relationship.

In our site we selected6 nursery rhymes to honor parents. A collection of the best songs for children that talk about dads.

Your kids can sing these songs to dad for Father's Day, or any other time of the year!

Did you like the previous children's songs? Well, you should sing and dance them more often! And it is that music has many benefits for children. Let's look at some of the main reasons why we should enjoy nursery rhymes more often with our children.

- They help us to be happier
Our life would be more boring without music, right? Songs, especially children's songs that usually have very happy melodies, help us to be happier.

- They teach children to know and express their emotions
Songs can also be a development element for children's emotional intelligence. And there are many titles that mention basic emotions such as sadness or joy.

- Music is a form of escape
In a tense moment, music will help children (and adults too) escape from nerve-racking problems.

- Children's songs are an excellent teaching tool
There are songs to learn numbers, letters, colors, names of animals ... Nursery rhymes are a fabulous educational resource for children to learn. By being accompanied by music, the lessons are learned faster and in a more fun way.

- They improve vocabulary and oral expression
Singing songs also improves the language of children, who work on oral expression and learn new words that they did not know.

- They stimulate memory
By memorizing song lyrics, children engage their minds and learn to focus their attention.

- They work the children's psychomotor skills
Nursery rhymes are often accompanied by gestures or simple choreography that reinforce the lyrics. That is why they can also be considered a psychomotor exercise that also keeps children active.

- Nursery rhymes tell children about times past
Many of the songs that children today hear and sing belong to the popular songbook and have therefore been sung for many generations. In many cases, they talk about certain customs, which, although they are a bit outdated right now, help children to know how their ancestors lived.

Added to this, the study 'Children's songs: a resource for the teaching of History' (by María de las Nieves Sáinz Domínguez for the research magazine Campo Abierto) points out that children's songs can also transmit part of the history of a country to the little ones of the house. By singing them, the children learn about historical events that occurred and that when they are older they will study at school. Although it is added that it is necessary to reflect on whether the song reflects the event in an exact and impartial way.

- Lullabies help children relax
Lullabies can be a great help in predisposing children to going to bed. Thanks to their calm rhythms, they help the little ones to be more relaxed and, therefore, more prepared to sleep.

Since our parents are very special, we don't just want to pay them a musical tribute. Here are other educational resources that are dedicated to all of them. You will find a story, poetry, a play ... All dedicated to parents!

- My dad is very busy. Reading this story together you will have a great time as a family. The story is dedicated to children, who will have fun reading it, but it is also intended for all parents. And it is that, in the mouth of the protagonist child, it proposes an interesting reflection that all families should do at some point. What is the use of having more and more money or a bigger house, if we are not going to have time to enjoy it all together?

- Remember dad. This poem is a plea of ​​gratitude for the love and dedication of all parents but, like the previous story, it also proposes to reflect on what our children really need from us as parents.

- A cat in distress. All parents will be delighted if we tell them that we have prepared a play for them. The script of 'A cat in distress' talks about the importance of family and the help we always give each other.

- Movies that talk about dads. We can take advantage of Father's Day or a beautiful day that we want to dedicate to our daddy to see a movie that talks about a very special dad. We can think of many examples: from the delivery of Marlin to find his little Nemo in 'Finding Nemo' to the total dedication of Guido, the father of 'Life is beautiful' so that his little son lived in a more joyful way and secure your stay in the Nazi concentration camp (Note: this movie will only be understood by older children).

And finally, to make your tribute to Dad even more special, you can accompany him with one of these gifts. The most special gifts are those that we make by hand, since we dedicate a time of preparation to them in which we only have the objective of satisfying dad. Check out all these ideas! What do you think the father of your family will like the most?

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