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Mouse Pérez. Traditional tales for children

Mouse Pérez. Traditional tales for children

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For the children of the house, the loss of their first teeth, in addition to giving them a little fear and pain, they are very excited. Many families still have the tradition of putting the tooth under the pillow when the child goes to sleep. While the child sleeps, the tooth fairy will take the tooth and will leave a gift instead.

In reality, this story was created to ease the possible pain and trauma that a tooth loss can bring to a child. It is a deeply rooted tradition in Spanish homes, although in other parts of the world it also carries out this work tooth Fairy.

Pepito Pérez was a little city mouse. He lived with his family in a little hole in the wall of a building. The hole was not very big but it was very comfortable, and there was no shortage of food there. They lived next to a bakery, at night he and his father went to get flour and everything they found to eat.

One day Pepito heard a great commotion upstairs. And like a curious mouse he was, he climbed and climbed the pipes until he reached the first floor. There he saw a lot of appliances, armchairs, flowers, paintings ... it seemed that someone was going to settle there.

The next day Pepito went back upstairs to see what all this was, and discovered something that he liked very much. They had set up a dental clinic upstairs.

From then on, every day I would go up to see everything that Dr. José Mª did.. He watched and learned, he looked again and jotted down everything he could in a small cardboard notebook.

After he was practicing with his family what he knew. He cleaned his mother's teeth very well, his little sister cured a toothache with a little medicine ... And that's how the tooth fairy became famous.

Mice came from everywhere to be healed. Field mice with a bag full of food for him, city mice with hats and sticks, small, big, fat, skinny mice ... They all wanted the tooth fairy to fix their mouths.

But then elderly mice started coming with a bigger problem. They had no teeth and wanted to eat nougat, walnuts, almonds, and everything they couldn't eat since they were young. The tooth fairy thought and thought how he could help these mice that trusted him.

And, as almost always when he had a question, he went up to the dental clinic to look. There he saw how Dr. José Mª gave an old man great teeth. Those teeth weren't from people, they were made in a big factory for dentists. But those teeth were huge and they were of no use to him.

Then, when he was going to go home without finding a solution, a boy appeared at the clinic with his mother. The boy wanted the doctor to remove a baby tooth so that the strong and big tooth would come out quickly.

The doctor took it from him and gave it to him as a souvenir. The mouse Pérez found the solution: 'I'll go to that child's house and buy his tooth.', thought. He followed him around the city and when he finally reached the house, he found a huge cat and was unable to enter.

The mouse, Pérez, waited for everyone to fall asleep and then entered the child's room. The boy had fallen asleep looking and looking at his tooth, and had put it under his pillow.

It took a long time for poor mouse Pérez to find the tooth, but at last he found it and left the boy a nice gift. The next morning the boy saw the gift and was delighted, and he told all his friends at school.

And from that day on, all children leave their baby teeth under the pillow. And the mouse Pérez picks them up and leaves them a nice gift in return. And colorin colorado this story is over.


1. Who was Pepito Pérez and where did he live?

2. How did the tooth fairy become famous?

3. What was the tooth fairy doing while the children fell asleep?

4. What did the tooth fairy do with the teeth it had from the children?

(This story has been sent by María Dolores Roca)

Children's first teeth begin to fall out before they are 5 years old. The milk teeth begin to be replaced by the permanent ones following an order. The first to leave are the first to fall, starting with the lower two in the center and then the upper two in the middle. It is usually at 12 years of age when children will have changed all their baby teeth for the final ones.

Apart from the trauma of losing a tooth, children feel itchy and painful due to the emergence of permanent teeth or the difficulty that some have in getting out. Therefore, it is very important to identify the causes of children's crying, to take appropriate measures. If it is due to the loss and emergence of new teeth, here are some tips to alleviate the possible discomfort that children feel:

1- Rubbing the gums with a clean fingertip can soothe pain in the gums.

2- Offer something cold for the child to suck or bite. Jellies, ice cream, cold water ... can numb the gums and ease the pain.

3- In case the child becomes very nervous, you can apply a pediatric gel on the gums, topical solutions or analgesic, anti-inflammatory or antipyretic medications, as soon as the doctor prescribes it.

4- Be next to the child. It is important for him to feel that you are by his side, even in this difficult moment of his life.

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