27 hilarious home challenges that are challenging for kids and parents

27 hilarious home challenges that are challenging for kids and parents

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We have a super idea to enjoy games at home with the children! Well, it's really not just one idea, but lots of them. Have you already guessed what we are talking about? They are challenges! Some sports, others culinary, to show all our skills ... And all of them to do at home and with the family. Are you ready? Read the list of the hilarious challenges at home that we have prepared. They are a challenge for children but also for parents!

The challenges are fun and why not educational too. Putting our skills and ingenuity to the test is something that young and old like, even more so if we learn something along the way.

Here we leave you a few ideas of challenges of all kinds to do with children at homeYou will see that all of them are simple and very easy to do, yes, you will have to be excited and eager. They are sure to become the whole family's favorite pastime!

Take the opportunity to raise them at home as a challenge that implies that we all overcome ourselves. Do you sign up?

Did you think that sports challenges are only to do outside the home? Nothing of that! Inside the house you can do cool things like these:

1. Jump 10 times on one leg with each leg
Sounds simple to you? Well wait and see when you have to do it with your children in front of you laughing out loud.

2. Put a ball in a bucket
The ball has to be small and the cube too, here is the complexity of the challenge. Place the cube on the side of the hall and take turns tossing the ball. Let's see who is the one who scores more times! You can also do this challenge with a balloon that you cannot touch with your hands. Will you get it?

3. Bowling
Shall we go bowling to see who throws the most? Who says bowling, says milk cans or any other similar thing that we have at home. Don't be surprised if your kids want to do this home challenge over and over again.

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4. Jump rope
Two people hold a rope and another jumps from one side to the other, the challenge we propose is to jump 15 times without tripping. You are sure to do it!

5. Jump with feet together
We will jump with our feet together from one point of the room to another, the line that we will mark will depend on the age of the child.

Skill challenges are the ones that children tend to like the most because, once they have overcome it, they feel very proud. So how about trying ...

6. Blow a paper ball
Make a few small balls of paper and blow one by one with a straw until you manage to carry them from one end of the table to the other. Laughter is guaranteed!

7. Stand up a roll of toilet paper
Do you remember the challenge where you had to throw a bottle full of water into the air and try to make it land on your feet? Well, in this case we are going to do the same but with an empty roll of toilet paper.

8. Turning around and walking straight
To overcome this challenge you will have to go around the site three or four times and then walk a few seconds following a straight line. Surely not everyone is capable of getting it right the first time!

9. The balloon
In this challenge we will have to carry a balloon around the house holding it with two rolls of kitchen paper. The balloon cannot be touched with your hands.

10. From 1 to 50
We write the numbers from 1 to 50 in a disorderly way on a paper. Whoever is going to do the challenge must mark the numbers in order with a colored pencil.

Let's cook! Or rather to bring out the chef skills that we all carry inside. We warn you, the kitchen can end upside down, but you will have a great time.

11. Tasting
You sit at the table and cover your eyes with a handkerchief. The others have to give him a taste of things in the kitchen and the one with the blindfold has to guess what food it is.

12. The touch
We will do the same as we have said in the previous challenge but instead of with taste with touch.

13. A dessert
To overcome this challenge, you will have to cook a delicious homemade dessert as a family. Which one are you going to choose?

14. Crazy recipe
We are going to make this recipe only on paper. We will write the ingredients and the steps to follow, the idea is that the more crazy and crazy the better. Who knows, the same until we discovered a delicious recipe.

Do your kids love crafts? Then surely the challenges that you are going to see here become your favorites.

15. Abstract drawing
To make an abstract drawing, we will take a sheet of paper, crumple it, and once we have stretched it again, we will color the remaining spaces. You will see how beautiful it looks!

16. Make a Jumping Origami Frog and Race
It seems complicated to do, but in reality it is not that much. Put on the video tutorial on how to make an Origami jumping frog and organize your own jumping races.

17. Paint a picture
In this challenge we will paint a picture with watercolors as artists do. How nice! It's a hilarious challenge, and it also encourages children's imaginations.

18. Origami figure
We will create a nice origami figure with paper, such as a bird or an airplane.

19. Dancing lyrics
We draw a few random letters on paper and then we will make words with them. How many words will you be able to form?

Now is the turn of the musical challenges. Maybe at first the children are embarrassed, but as soon as they see their parents do it, they will surely not think about it for a second.

20. Sing a song
Everyone chooses the song they like the most, it is played on the radio at a low volume and sung aloud. How exciting!

21. Let's create a chorus
What if instead of singing a popular song we create one ourselves? For this challenge you need paper, pencil and a lot of desire to let out the artist within us.

22. The frozen dance
The music is turned on and we dance freestyle, when it goes off you have to freeze without lifting a single finger. Let's see who does it the best!

23. Play an invented instrument
We give you a couple of ideas, the rest will be up to you: some glasses like kettledrums or some empty water bottles filled with legumes like maracas.

And to finish with the list of challenges to do with children at home ... Some tests to do in less than a minute!

24. The broom challenge
It involves passing the broom from the back to the front without releasing it and doing it within a minute. Let's see who wins!

25. Beat an egg
Yes, it is simple, but the challenge is to endure a minute without stopping beating an egg. Delicious!

26. Tongue twister
We will say a very fast tongue twister and also understand it well. If it doesn't come out either the first or the second, it's because you can't stop laughing.

27. Tell many jokes in a minute
Find out who is the artist who tells the most jokes in a minute. Prepare yours and start the timer.

What do you think of the challenges that we have proposed?

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