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The Earth is sad. Climate change short stories for children

The Earth is sad. Climate change short stories for children

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Our children are the present, but also the future, of our planet. For this reason, we must teach them from the time they are small to take care of the beautiful environment that surrounds us and everything that it gives us.

We parents have many ways to educate children about climate change and possibly the most important is through example. However, the short stories like this, they can also be great educational resources. Let's read The earth is sad!

They had made a huddle in the universe.

- The Earth has a very bad face - said the moon.

- You're right; is very off! - The sun agreed.

- I have heard that the people who live on that planet do not take good care of it - said the stars.

- We think she's sick! - exclaimed the bears.

And they all approached the planet to ask what was wrong.

- Hello Earth! Are you okay? - The moon spoke first.

Earth looked at her with tear-filled eyes and couldn't answer.

- You're scaring us, Earth! What happens? - The stars asked again, very concerned.

- Tell us! - they all insisted.

- I think that people are not aware of the damage they are doing - she answered very distressed.

The moon, the sun, the stars and the two bears looked at her silently, waiting for her to continue speaking.

"Men are burning forests, cutting down trees, filling the sea with garbage, exterminating animals," he sobbed again.

Global warming is thawing my poles. How can they not see it !? They are destroying nature! - He said covering his face that now looked red and feverish.

Some children who were playing in the street heard the conversation.

- Earth Earth! Do not Cry anymore! - They shouted with all their might to be heard.

- Tell me little ones! - She said swallowing her tears.

- We are going to take care of you! We will not allow you to die! - They promised in a trembling voice.

The Earth then felt enormous relief when she saw the transparency of his eyes; I just hoped that as adults they wouldn't forget their promise.

Was your child paying attention to what you have read? Have you understood the story and the message it conveys? To verify this, here are some questions that you must answer with 'true or false'. If there is an answer that your child misses or is not entirely sure about, you can reread the story together as many times as you want.

- The Earth was very happy and full of life.

- The stars, bears, the moon and the others were very concerned about the Earth.

- The Earth complains that men are throwing garbage into the oceans.

- Some children tell the Earth that from now on they will take care of nature even less.

To finish, you can encourage your child to reflect (and in the process reflect yourself) by asking: What do we as a family and you as a person do to take care of the Earth so that it is not sad and sick?

And so that you can continue talking about the damage to the environment, in the different areas, here are some other stories and poems that talk about the same topic. Once again, we invite you to read them with your children and to reflect on the matter.

- Caring for Monk
What would happen if we had to change planet because of the amount of garbage and pollution that we have caused on Earth? This is the situation that this story proposes, where humanity runs the risk of being left without a place to live due to having such unsustainable habits.

- For clean waters
The garbage we generate also endangers the fauna and flora of the seas and oceans. Pick up all the rubbish that we leave on the beach, don't throw anything down the toilet, reduce the use of plastics ... This story talks to the children about taking care of the seas and oceans.

- Ginger changes his ways
Change the bathroom for a quick shower, always turn off the lights that we are not using, recycle ... This is what the protagonist of this story learns. Your kids are sure to learn it too!

- History of a tree
Trees and plants give us the oxygen we need to breathe. But, despite how important they are to us, we don't take care of them as they deserve. This story tells about a beautiful tree and its history.

- The earth is sick
And to finish, we propose a very beautiful poem that also talks about the state to which we have brought our planet Earth. These verses will undoubtedly make young and old reflect.

And so that you continue to have a good time as a family, while you discover more about nature and the universe that surrounds us, below we propose some very entertaining activities and educational resources. You can carry them out as a family to enjoy an unforgettable quality time for everyone.

Let's take care of the Earth, it is our home!

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