April 22. Earth day

April 22. Earth day

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Earth's Day it's one day celebrated in many countries on April 22. Its promoter, the US senator Gaylord nelson, established this day to create a common awareness of the problems of pollution, the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth. How can we teach and instill in young children the need to care for and respect the planet?

From the earliest age, it is a necessity that children be made aware of the importance of conserving the place and planet where we live. That the good health of the Earth depends a lot on our attitudes towards the environment. It is necessary for children to acquire positive habits when it comes to nature as well, such as:

- Avoid contamination of fields, rivers, mountains.To do this, they must be aware not to throw waste on the ground and, instead, if to do it in the bins or recycling containers that correspond to the color that it touches.

- Use water responsibly. Encourage them that they cannot bathe and that it is better to shower. And, also, not to leave the tap running while they brush their teeth.

- Set up a vegetable gardenSowing the land, irrigating it or taking care of it are some of the measures that we can carry out so that children realize that if we take care of the land, it will give us fruits.

- Visit a farm so that they are in contact with animals and discover that the milk does not come from supermarkets but from cows or goats

- See documentaries on television or in the cinema about life in the seas in different parts of the planet and take the opportunity to chat about how to help protect the environment.

It is essential that children learn, in a natural and fun way, the value of water, land, air, and how important it is for the planet that we do not pollute or dirty them. Parents and teachers play an important role in this regard.

Another resource very available to all that parents can use to talk to children about the environment, nature and planet Earth are stories.

- The earth is sad
How do you feel when you are sick and not feeling well? What are you looking for and need help? That is what happens to the earth in this beautiful story that you cannot stop telling your children.

- Story of a tree
If we do not take care of nature and everything that surrounds us, we can go out to play on the field. Explain it to your children with the story of 'Story of a tree'.

- For clean waters
If you want to bathe this summer in rivers and seas, they must be clean. And who is responsible for keeping them in perfect condition? To the humans!

What if today, April 22, Earth day, do we choose each member of the family a phrase and write them all on a card or mural and hang it at home? It can be a very fun idea and, above all, very ecological. Here are some phrases!

- The earth is not our planet, it is our home.

- A better world is possible thanks to a green thinking.

- The planet can live without us, but we cannot live without it.

- If you love your life, start by loving your planet.

- To harm the earth is to harm us.

- If we take care of the earth, it will take care of us.

- Plant a tree and you will be sowing awareness.

- Teaching to take care of the environment is to teach to value life.

- If we conserve water, we conserve life.

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