Tautogram. Play to create sentences with words that start with the same letter

Tautogram. Play to create sentences with words that start with the same letter

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Playing with words is not only fun but very educational and stimulating for children. With the tautograms, children can learn new words while having fun and spending time together with siblings, parents or friends.

Furthermore, it is a creative writing game very economical and affordable since you only need a pencil and a sheet of paper to play it.

Tautograms are verbal expression challenges that demand creativity and mental dexterity from children. Therefore, it is indicated for children who already master a reasonable number of words. Maybe from 7 or 8 years old they can play without much difficulty. Each player should have a pencil and a sheet of paper.

The game starts when the first player (chosen voluntarily or by lottery) chooses a letter. Next, the other players have to create a phrase with words that start with this letter. In addition, it can also be allowed to add pronouns, prepositions that begin with another letter, to complete the sentences. It would facilitate play for younger children.

When all the participants have finished, they count how many words each managed to write with the chosen letter and the winner is the one who manages to use the most words with that letter in their sentences.

The word tautogram comes from the Greek 'to autó' (written) and 'grama' (letter). What a text or phrase made up of words that all begin with the same letter means. Example: 'Dad, put bread for Pepín'. Next, we give you some ideas of sentences built with words that begin with the same letter. We play?

With the letter A
- Adrián encourages Adam to walk

With the letter B
- Bruno drools white slime

With the letter C
- Clara sings loving songs

With the letter D
- Darío sleeps during the day

With the letter E
- Esteban entered the stable

With the letter F
- Felipe fractured femur

With the letter G
- Gloria wins treats

With the Letter H
- Helena casts spells

With the letter I
- Ivan imagines illusions

With the letter J
- Jaimito and Jorge play together

With the letter L
- The moon looks beautiful on Mondays

With the letter M:
- My mom pampers a lot

With the letter N
- Nothing and nobody needs us

With the letter O
- Dark ocean waves

With the letter P
- Paulo asks for pipes

With the letter Q
- Quirina wants cheese

With the letter R
- Reina recovers laughter

With the letter S
- Susana always goes out alone

With the letter T
- Tomás has three uncles

With the letter U
- Úrsula wears a uniform

With the letter V
- Victor sells cows

With the letter Z
- Zoe shakes Zaida

Building sentences with words that start with the same letter is a more oriented game for children who already have a richer vocabulary and language. But it will also depend on the ability and knowledge of the words of each child. In any case, it is a game that brings many advantages to the education of children. We tell you:

  • Enrich the vocabulary
  • Increases dexterity and mental speed
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Improves writing
  • Boost and motivate to learn

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