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Children's stories about the family

Children's stories about the family

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Every May 15th International Family Day is celebrated, and although the family is very important every day of the year and at every moment of life, on our site we want to pay tribute to it on this date. We have selected a series of short children's stories so that you can read to your children and teach them the core value of family and how important fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, cousins, children, brothers, grandchildren are ...

Each member of the family plays a very important role for the development of the child, because each one brings something different, new and different to their education and to their way of seeing life.

- Mother
Both moms and dads become the children's first references (later there will be teachers, friends, siblings, celebrities ...), but it is inevitable to make a distinction between fathers and mothers. And it is that the fact that the woman has carried her little one for nine months with her within herself creates a bond that nothing and no one will ever be able to break. If you are a mother, you will understand me, have you not gone from being sad at work for no apparent reason and then coming home and seeing that your son is sorry for something that happened to him at school?

- Father
And while mothers have a first aid kit full of healing kisses and other medicines, fathers are the great heroes of children. Without falling into topics, parents are the heroes of children. They play wild with them and do a lot of crazy things.

- Cousins
Whenever in the family, our brothers or our brothers-in-law have children of similar ages to that of our children, we should try to encourage contact, especially if we only have one child. He will need to play with children of other ages and cousins ​​are perfect because they can become the first friends of your little one, because unconsciously with them he will learn values ​​such as teamwork, cooperation or empathy and, above all, because everything what lives with them will remain in your memory and in your heart forever.

- Aunts
Another character that can mark the life of a child are the aunts. They are fun, spontaneous, thoughtful, affectionate and very supportive during the child's childhood, pre-adolescence and adolescence. Some say that they are second mothers, but with the 'advantage' that they do not have pressure when educating, so they will be able to control their nerves more and show more patience before, for example, a tantrum or a tantrum from their nephew / to.

- Grandparents
Grandparents are loving with their grandchildren and everything that they may not have 'allowed' themselves to do with their children they now do with their beloved grandchildren. In addition, in today's society, maternal and paternal grandparents have become a key part of children's day-to-day life. They take them to school, they feed them, they bring them to the extracurricular ... What would we do without them! Not to mention all the stories, legends and experiences they convey. They are like a walking history book!

- Brothers
The relationship of a child with his brother or siblings goes through different phases, but from all of them something good can always be extracted and, above all, learn. Jealousy is inevitable and, from my experience, I will tell you that it is both from the older brother to the younger brother, and vice versa. Despite the rivalry, a sibling is the person with whom a child creates more complicity because between them they will protect themselves from possible scolding from their parents and from a child on the street or at school. Long live the relationship between brothers!

We offer you a selection of short stories to read to children and that they learn about the importance of the family and each one of its members.

Lucas, a foster child. How to explain adoption to children through stories. our site has selected a beautiful children's story to explain to a child who is adopted.

Mother goat and the seven little kids. our site offers you the traditional story of 'The mother goat and her seven little goats'. A story to alert children that they should never open the door of the house to strangers and that appearances can be deceiving.

The dumbest punishment. Children's story about the valuable role of mothers. Special story for Mother's Day. Story 'The most stupid punishment', about the importance of mothers.

The trunk of the costumes. The story of 'The trunk of costumes', talks about the Carnival. Once upon a time there was a girl who needed a costume for Carnival, in her grandmother's costume chest, she would find the best of all. Find out what this girl has dressed up for in Carnival, reading this story to your children.

Pinocchio. Here you have the tale of Pinocchio, an old but updated classic tale full of values. With it you can reflect on lying, disobedience and respect. A magical story full of surprises and adventures, which continues to educate and entertain children.

The three sons of the king. Short stories for Father's Day. Children's stories. Simple literature for children. Tales with a moral. Tell your child the story of the three sons of the king, a tale full of values.

The father and the two daughters. This fable, The Father and the Two Daughters, teaches our children that it is not possible to please and please everyone. A way to prevent the child from getting frustrated when, with good intention, he tries to please some and this angers others.

My dad is very busy. My dad is very busy is a story for children and especially for parents. This help encourages us to reflect on the way in which we share our time with our children. It is an ideal story to read with children and celebrate Father's Day, and it will make us reflect on the importance of being present for more time in our children's lives.

Anny and the box of happiness. Anny and the box of happiness. A story that tells of Anny, a girl who lived sad for the loss of her parents, until a happy experience makes her value everything she has, even her grandmother.

The stork Maria. This story by La Cigueña María speaks of the value of gratitude and humility to children. Read the story of La Cigueña María to your son and then invite him to reflect on what he tells us. Children's stories are a good resource to instill values ​​in the education of children.

The boy who wants it all. The Boy Who Wants Everything is a Christmas story about a boy who wants too many gifts and the consequences of greed and selfishness for his life. Also, through this story, children will discover the importance of sharing with others. And it is that stories are an excellent tool to educate in values.

Chinese tales. Chinese tales. A story that talks about the value of honesty and what children can learn from grandparents. Short stories to read aloud to children.

The boy who found the light. This story, The boy who found the light, is a popular Chinese story that teaches children that there is a place to achieve the objectives and goals that one wants.

The song. The song is an African legend that talks about education and how to correct negative acts through love. Beautiful African legend full of values ​​for children.

Grandfather Philemon. Stories for children that talk about grandparents. Grandfather Philemon. Grandfather's day. What the experience, wisdom and talks of grandparents bring to children. What an inheritance grandparents leave for grandchildren.

Daniel and the magic words. Daniel and the magic words is a children's story that will make your child reflect on the importance of words and kindness. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story encourages kindness in children.

The Christmas tree. Find out what is the best Christmas gift for your children with this Christmas story. The Christmas tree is a Christmas story that speaks of values ​​as important as kindness to children. Christmas stories to read as a family. Fables with a moral to educate in values ​​at Christmas.

Tale of the three little pigs. The three Little Pigs. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

What the whole family said. What the whole family said is a story written by Hans Christian Andersen about the importance of family and, above all, about the beauty of life and the importance of living each stage intensely, savoring each experience and each moment.

What if instead of telling a story you recite a poem that also talks about the different members that make up the family unit? In this selection you will find poems about grandparents, fathers, mothers and siblings. You choose which one to start with!

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