How to explain environmental pollution to children

How to explain environmental pollution to children

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Our planet is deteriorating due to the amount of pollution generated by humans. If we don't stop environmental pollution, the world will become a inhospitable place in which it will be very difficult to enjoy.

Children should know the consequences of environmental pollution and they must be involved in caring for the environment, although it is not necessary to be extreme when explaining everything about pollution. Because learning can also be fun. We help you explain to children What is environmental pollution.

1. Children must learn what environmental pollution is, that is, all those actions caused by the human being that are damaging the health of the planet and also ours.

2. You have to explain that there are many Types of pollution, such as water pollution, air pollution or even noise pollution and that all of them can be stopped because it depends on us.

3. Making the child notice the smoke that comes out of a factory, the garbage that someone has thrown into the river or the remains that some families leave after a day at the beach will make the child see with their own eyes in what are some of the bad habits environmental.

4. Children should also know the disastrous consequences from environmental pollution, such as deforestation, desertification, global warming or melting ice. Although you have to try that the explanation does not become a horror movie.

5. The consequences are not the only thing that children should know about environmental pollution, they should also know that it is in their hands and in our hands to stop this pollution so that the world is a prettiest place where to live.

6. It is necessary to involve children in caring for the environment and instill in them a sustainable lifestyle and for this there is nothing better than lead by example. If we adults do not contribute to reducing environmental pollution every day and with small gestures, we cannot ask our children to take responsibility.

- According to the ages of children, we can use various techniques to make them more aware of pollution, but turning to children's stories is always a good solution when children are looking for explanations.

- We can make our own story about the danger of contamination environmental with their favorite dolls and toys. So children can understand it in a fun recreation.

- It does not matter if we live in the country or in the city, because fingerprints of pollution are seen everywhere. Spending an afternoon with the family walking through the city or through a park will give us many opportunities to explain to the children what it is that we are doing wrong with our environment.

- It is important that children participate in the actions to Protect the environment taking them as something they want to do and not as an obligation, from daily recycling to a trip to plant trees to saving water and electricity.

- From the report 'Activities and resources for environmental education in early childhood education' by Joana Goikoetxea Lukin (University of La Rioja, Spain) they encourage us to involve children in a deeper learning about the different living beings on our planet to thus promoting among the little ones the need to take care of them, especially those who are in danger of extinction due to harmful actions by human beings.

Therefore, from this project he encourages us to create a mural in which the protagonist is an animal species, for example. In this mural we will collect photographs, information about what we know about this animal and more information points that we investigate ... In addition, we will encourage children to be the ones to explain to their classmates everything they know about this species, in a way that we stimulate collective learning.

There are many ways to make children value and respect the environment. One of them is to tell them stories, tales or fables that help them understand why it is important to protect and take care of nature, plants, animals, and the planet on which we live.

We have put together some children's stories about the environment to make it easier for you to explain to your children the need to take care of our environment.

- Take care of Monk. A story about respect for nature
It is a story for children that tries to awaken children's interest in protecting the environment. An ideal story for children to be aware of the care we must have with the natural environment of our planet.

- Earth is sad. A children's story about climate change
A beautiful story to teach children, from the time they are small, to take care of the beautiful environment that surrounds us and everything that it gives us. It is a perfect story to educate children about climate change and possibly the most important is through example. However, short stories like this can also be great educational resources.

- History of a tree. A tale about nature
With this little and short story, you will be able to tell your children what your outdoor games were like when you were little or little. Tell this beautiful story to the children and reflect with them about why we should take care of the trees that surround us.

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