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Short stories to read to children in 1 minute and have sweet dreams

Short stories to read to children in 1 minute and have sweet dreams

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Many times I wonder what is that magical power that stories have. What will they have that allow us to travel from one imaginary world to another and that invite us to dream, imagine, feel, experiment, fantasize ... For all this, stories become one more tool that we must integrate into the education of children and, let me tell you, it no longer serves the excuse of 'I don't have time' because here you have a compilation with the best short stories to read to children in a minute and have sweet dreams.

I don't know in your house, but in mine when it comes time to go to bed, everything is revolutionized! I'm tired and I want everything to go faster, but my daughters seem to decide to do everything in slow motion. Luckily we have a secret so that everything is balanced, we can reconnect the three of us and end the day with the greatest peace and tranquility possible.

This mysterious tool that I have at my disposal is none other than telling a story, and that is because there are so many benefits that this educational gesture has for the family clan (it helps to sleep better, favors the bond, encourages the acquisition of language and makes the children feel more valued and loved) that we cannot get into bed without hearing some traditional or modern story.

Telling a story is the best form of affection or love that we can give to a child, and is that as says the work 'A story a day!', carried out by the National Council of Culture and the Arts of Chile, 'when a father, mother, brother, grandfather or teacher, reads to a child an affective approach, because when reading to him he is also saying: I tell you because I value you and I love you.

But, How should these stories be so that they bring so many good things to the child? How is this moment of special connection between mother / father-son favored?

- You have to be seated, comfortable and with nothing to distract us around us, that is, mobiles, computers or tablets out of reach.

- Selected stories must be short (no more than five minutes) so that the child can follow the whole argument without getting tired or bored (at this time their attention levels are low).

- Should be avoid those stories that reflect or reflect situations of violence or they have too much action. What we are looking for is for the child to relax, not to be activated.

- We have to take into account that they adjust to the age of the child and its maturation process. It is just as bad to tell a story that is too childish as to do it beyond your abilities.

- And finally, as what we want is for you to have sweet dreams, stories should be inspiring and end positively.

And now that you know all the good things about telling stories to children, doing it when they are in bed already tucked in and what these stories have to be like, you just have to get down to work! To make it easier for you, we bring you a selection with the best bedtime stories to tell.

- The little snail Gustavillo
Coexistence, sometimes, can be difficult and that is something that you will surely see at home on a day-to-day basis. Your eldest son wants one thing, the little one is bothered by another, the dad gets angry ... The story of Gustavillo and Mr. Crab is perfect.

- A chick named Llito
Children must be told about how important it is to be prudent and not separate from mom and dad, for example, when we leave home and go to a shopping center. What happened to the chick Llito can help you to discuss the issue.

- He's an astronaut
How can we help our child to solve the problem of enuresis and urinary incontinence? The first thing we have to do is show him a lot of support and understanding and, also, make him see that he is not the only one who is going through this.

- The elephant Bernardo
Making others laugh is great, but when we go over a limit and in the end it becomes a joke that is not so good. Fantastic children's story that seeks to teach children why they should help others and how important respect is.

What can children learn in a minute? A lot of things! We just have to know how to choose what we are going to tell them in those 60 seconds. With these stories they will discover values ​​such as loyalty or sincerity.

- From smile to smile
The stories awaken emotions in those who read them, but also in those who listen to them, in this case in children. Don't stop reading with your child the story of Patricia, a girl who one day dreamed that everyone had lost their smile.

- Cascabel acknowledges his mistakes
How important it is to know how to recognize mistakes when we make mistakes and, if necessary, ask for forgiveness! True? And this is what this story is about, starring a squirrel named Cascabel who does not start his first day of school well. What will happen?

- The red hen
Once upon a time there was a red hen named Marcelina, who lived on a farm surrounded by many animals. It was a very large farm, in the middle of the field ... Thus begins this short story that wants to teach children the importance of work and personal effort.

- Guantín and Guantón
If you have two or three children, you have probably witnessed a scene of jealousy between them, right? For those days when it seems that more than brothers are enemies, the story of Guantín and Guantón may be ideal.

- The Beltrán umbrella
Promises must be kept because they denote responsibility and also commitment. For your child to understand it better, tell him the story of Beltrán and his umbrella.

Neither hugs, nor kisses, nor caresses ... What my daughters ask me insistently is that I tell them a story, but not just any story ... they 'demand' me to make it up myself because it is more fun that way! I remember the first time I did it 'I made a serious mistake': improvising.

And it's not that the result was bad, on the contrary, they loved the result, the problem was that when they asked me if I could repeat it, my face turned out to be a poem because I couldn't remember all the details. Luckily they have an elephant memory and were very attentive! And so it was, as between the three of us, we managed to recover 100% the history of 'Mago ​​Vilanova'.

Not that I am now an expert storyteller (I would rather say that I am an internship and they are my guinea pigs), but I want to share with you some tips that have helped me to invent stories in a minute while you go on a trip in the car this holidays, when you go hiking in the park or for those moments of waiting in the doctor's queue.

- If you go blank, turn to some of the classic stories of all life. Select some of the characters from both stories and create a new and different story with them. Don't you think it can be a good starting point? Imagine what Snow White and Red Riding Hood would do together. It can be a lot of fun!

- Think of funny words that attract the attention of children and with all of it create a crazy and crazy story. And it is that the children the more different things happen to the characters, the more they laugh with them!

- Find a specific topic that can help your children solve a problem. If it is the case that your daughter is worried that she is not able to stop peeing in bed at night, create a story that she can relate to and help her get through this moment.

- Mix a real situation with a fictional one. An anecdote that he has lived in school, for example, the explanation of how the solar system is formed, with a totally invented situation such as existence in machines that transform people into dogs. What story will emerge from all this?

- And finally, (and this is no longer a technique) get fully into your role as storyteller. The more excited you are, the more enthusiasm and enthusiasm you will be transmitting to your children!

And since children do not only live on stories, here we present a selection with other types of stories: fables and legends that they will love.

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