Grandparents Day: 11 homemade crafts for kids to give away

Grandparents Day: 11 homemade crafts for kids to give away

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In your family do you usually celebrate Grandparents Day all high? Well you should! This celebration, which is usually on July 26 or August 28, is the perfect excuse to thank and give back to the grandparents and grandmothers a little bit of how much they have given us. And there is not a gift that reaches so much the hearts of the old people that homemade crafts made by your grandchildren. For this reason, here are some ideas that children could give their grandparents as gifts.

Children love to make crafts and grandparents and grandmothers love receiving creations from their grandchildren. Therefore, we suggest you some DIY projects that they will succeed as a Grandparents Day gift. All of them are very simple to make and can be customized so that your grandparents like them even more.

1. Case to store glasses or carry tissues
If, in addition to being made by the children of the house, the gift is practical, you will be twice as successful. We suggest you make a nice cover to store glasses or scarves that grandparents and grandmothers will like a lot. Use felt of his favorite color.

2. Bouquet of paper flowers
The advantage of giving grandparents some paper flowers is that they will always look pretty and they will never wither. Do you know how to make the flowers? It is very simple, you just have to go gathering the pinocchio paper and placing it on a wire. You may need to use pliers, so we recommend that an adult always do it.

3. Personalized keychain for grandpa or grandma
So that you will never forget your house keys again and so that every time you look at them you will remember your precious grandson or granddaughter, make a fun felt keychain for him! It can be great if you make it in the shape of a house or a car (depending on the type of keys for which you are going to use it), but you can also customize it according to your tastes.

4. Eva rubber tablet sleeve
Today's grandparents are more modern than ever. Many of them already have a tablet. If this is the case of your yayo or yaya, you can make a case for the ipad using eva rubber. It is a very simple craft that makes for a very useful gift.

5. Photo frame with fabric
What grandfather would not like to receive a photo frame with the images of his grandchildren? We suggest you make a photo frame with fabric (although you can make it of different materials) as a triptych, so you can put photos of all the children in the family.

6. Homemade dominoes for grandparents
Many grandparents and grandmothers like to play dominoes, right? That is why on Grandparents' Day they will love to receive one handmade by their grandchildren. You can be as creative as you want when doing it: you can put numbers, dots, animals, drawings ... even photos of each member of the family.

Have you already found the perfect gift that children can give their grandparents? If the answer is no, don't panic! On our site we still have more ideas to give you:

7. Heart shaped box
What a great idea! You can make a heart-shaped box and use it to put a drawing or a poem that you dedicate to your grandparents. They will love the idea, as they can later reuse the box to store objects that have great sentimental value to them.

8. Felt brooch
Grandmothers especially, will be very excited when they receive a nice felt brooch to be placed on shirts, jackets or coats. You can make these hairpins decorated as you like: heart-shaped, star-shaped, trying to imitate your grandmother ...

9. The genealogical tree of the family
Grandparents will love that their grandchildren spend a little time making a family tree that captures the family's history. You can make it of different materials but, without a doubt, eva rubber makes creation much easier and the result of the craft is very beautiful.

10. The most special jewel for grandparents
Have you thought about giving a jewel to grandmother or grandfather? They will go crazy with love if you do it yourself. It doesn't have to be very elaborate: the classic macaroni necklace or the eva rubber bracelet are always a hit. It does not matter if they are beautiful or ugly, the important thing is that you have done them with all your heart.

11. Present a jewelry box to grandmother
And to keep all those jewelry that you give them, why don't you make a jewelry box for Grandma? It's as simple as using different matchboxes and a little imagination. You are sure to like it so much that you will place it in the most visible place in your room.

In many countries Grandparents' Day is celebrated on the day July 26 because it is the Day of Santa Ana and San Joaquín, the grandparents of Jesus. However, in other countries like Mexico they have chosen the August 28 for the celebration. No matter the day, the important thing is to thank the grandparents and grandmothers for all the care they have given us and give us. It is a journey in which we think of the elderly (also those who are not from our family) who often live alone.

And is that children can learn a lot from grandparents: of his wisdom and of his experience. Even in cases where children cannot live with their parents and move in with their grandparents, these are the best comfort and confidence they could receive, as outlined in Child's 'How to Raise Your Grandchildren' Welfare of the United States government.

That's why it's always a good idea to celebrate Grandparents' Day. And then we give you some ideas for activities to make it an unforgettable day.

- Organize a poetry recital in which the grandchildren read poems invented by themselves or inspired by other authors. It will be even more special if all the poems talk about grandparents and their big hearts.

- Deliver a card May we accompany with a very beautiful dedication in which we express all our love.

- Organize a game day between grandparents and grandchildren. Seniors may suggest traditional games with which they enjoyed in their childhood and the children will be able to teach their grandparents to play other more modern activities. Without a doubt, it will be a day that both grandparents and grandchildren will remember fondly.

- Make a collaborative drawing between grandparents and grandchildren. You can take a sheet of paper and some paintings ...and to draw! Do not speak, just let yourself be carried away by what you feel at that moment. A work of art may not come out, but you have done it with all your love. If you put music in the background, you will surely be inspired even more.

- Prepare a delicious typical grandmother and grandfather recipe, and surprise them!

- Make a very long video call, in case you have to celebrate Grandparents' Day remotely, because you live in different cities or because, for other reasons, you will not be able to meet again.

- To dedicate a play to grandparents, inspired by the enormous love that they transmit to you. You can invent the script or be inspired by one of the ones we already have on site.

Very happy Grandparents Day everyone!

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